Insider Reveals How Prince Harry Asked Meghan Markle's Dad For Her Hand In Marriage

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Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Is Meghan apart of the royal family now??

Gone are the days where we chased Prince Harry and Meghan Markle around for any sign they were actually in a relationship. But was once just a rumor is now a reality. And it might be more of a reality for the couple then we may have realized. 

Meghan confirmed their romance in an interview with Vanity Fair for their October issue, and the world saw them share a kiss at the Invictus Games this past weekend. 

So now we’re onto the next phase of their relationship, whether they’re ready for it or not. The rumors of an engagement are already making the rounds — and they're not totally far off. 

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According to a palace insider, Harry asked Meghan's father for her hand in marriage. BRB, swooning. 

The rumor claims that the last time Harry was in Canada — meaning this past weekend for the games yes — he had a very important conversation with Thomas Markle. 

"Harry asked Meghan’s father for her hand in marriage the last time he was in Canada, and Thomas was very happy to give his blessing," the insider said. "Thomas loves Harry, as do all of Meghan’s family, and he especially loves how happy his daughter is, and how much Harry clearly adores her.”


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Since her father has allegedly given his approval, now all Prince Harry has to do is get Meghan to say yes. And with his good looks, charm and royal family roots, I don't think that will be an issue. 

Here are three reasons why this might actually be legit. 

1. Meghan has met some very important people in Harry's life. 

Earlier this month, Meghan met his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, which is a big deal considering his age and the stage of their relationship. 

According to an insider, the Queen was a huge fan of Markle and wants her to join the family. Harry seems to be honoring her wishes because the insider reports he asked the Queen for her permission. 

And just like in a fairytale, she said yes. 

2. They've been dating for over a year. 

When it comes to their relationship timeline, the couple has been together for a year, which isn't too short for a royal engagement. Sources say Harry wants to settle down like his brother Prince William has with Kate Middleton. 

3. Harry also met Meghan's mom. 

At the Invictus Games, Meghan's mother joined the couple at the opening ceremony. Though it isn't the first time Harry met Doria Radlan, her presence does signify the seriousness of their relationship. 

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