The Bizarre Reason A Lonely Wife Chopped Off Her Husband's Penis

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woman cut off husband's penis for playing too much golf

Uh... ouch?

From the ugly shoes to its obnoxious bro-centric clubs to the fact that the course grass is often greener (and better manicured) than most parks I’ve ever been to, my laundry list of annoyances associated with golfing could fill an encyclopedia.

Of course, when my boyfriend schleps off to the course with his beer-drinking buddies to play on Saturdays, I send him a slew of passive-aggressive texts. One woman, on the other hand, decided it would be a great time to reenact a grotesque Game of Thrones scene.

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One woman cut off her husband's penis for playing too much golf. Yes, really.

As originally reported in The Daily Mail, a woman in Yeosu, South Korea became so infuriated by her husband’s constant fixation on golf that she opted to attack the 50-year-old man in his sleep and, quite literally, snip his penis off with a kitchen knife. She then proceeded to put the package in the toilet and flush. 

While running over my exes with a semi-truck is a recurring fantasy of mine, it’s just that: a fantasy. But before we start pegging her as a total and utter lunatic, it’s important to remember that there’s probably a bigger backstory here we aren’t privy to.

When the officers interviewed the knife-wielding woman who cut off her husband's penis for playing too much golf, she claimed that her husband was both abusive and neglectful — and I mean actually neglectful. She said that her husband spent all of the family’s single-income paycheck on golfing and trips, as opposed to, you know, paying rent and buying food to eat. And TBH, hangry is like, a real thing.

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Neighbors found the man writhing in pain in the couple’s flat, and although he’s currently in stable condition at a nearby hospital, the police are still looking into motives behind this horrific attack on his penis.

And while we can all agree that this story is insanely heinous and unnecessarily cruel (might’ve divorce been a better option?), if the story detracts even a few more of my future boyfriends from spending a ridiculous amount on golfing, there’s at least some benefit. 

Can you actually break your penis? Watch the video below to learn more:


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