11 NEXT-LEVEL Oral Sex Positions That Will Blow His... You Know ;)

Fill your back pocket with some go-to moves to spice things up.

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Sex is a multi-faceted experience. On the surface, sex is just sex. But like a pungent and fully-bloomed rose, its depths exist between the folds. So if you just want to have sex, you can certainly do it, but you’ll be missing out on the mind-blowing, next-level sensations.

Sex shouldn’t be pigeonholed into a small box that only involves certain moves. Oral sex, for instance, can get monotonous. Like missionary intercourse, simple oral sex moves have a time and a place, but when you want to scream, sweat, melt on behalf of your partner, it’s time to kick it up a notch. Here 11 oral sex positions that will do the trick, as well as some of the best oral sex tips for women.


1. For her: The Lap Dog

If you’re the lazy type or are just having a lazy day but your partner is looking for something on the wild side, this one is for you. To get into the lap dog, have your partner sit on your lap facing you. They then need to scoot up so their knees are over their shoulders and they can reach your mouth. You’ll suck on their clitoris, creating a constant suction while lightly shaking your head from side to side.


2. For him: The Jackhammer

This is great for giving him some extra control. Sit down on a fairly firm surface, like a carpeted floor, and then summon your man to straddle you, positioning his penis directly above your head. Next, tilt your head back as you slowly pull his penis down toward your mouth with your hands. Now your man can squat slowly up and down, penetrating your mouth with his penis.

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3. For her: Reverse Pony

If you want to dive deep into the submissive realm, go ahead and let your partner sit on your face. So long as you can handle all their goodness, you’ll love them taking control and getting the pleasure they please.

To get into Reverse Pony, lie down flat on your back as they straddle you with their legs. They can ease into it by assuming a face-to-face position, and then slowly scooting up until their clitoris is directly on your mouth, their knees reaching to the sides of your head. They’ll slide up and down, back and forth, using their hands to provide elevation so they don’t smother them.


4. For him: The Lie Back

This is not for the easily distracted, woozy person. You need to be on your A-game for this advanced blowjob position, as performing the lie back gives you very little control over how deep you take him.

To get into it, you’ll need to lie on your back, positioning yourself so that your entire body is on the bed, except your head, which will dangle over the side of it. This allows you to easily tilt your mouth backward so you can take him in your mouth. Make sure he is standing on the floor by your head, and that he is slow and controlled with his penetration until you reach a comfortable pace and depth.


5. For her: The Fire Hydrant

Women rarely get depicted in such a power move as standing while receiving cunnilingus, but they should! Not only does it feel empowering, but it feels incredibly good, too. Be submissive by getting on your knees while she stands above you. Pull her close by her butt, then enjoy the various angles of her crotch you now have the pleasure of coming face-to-face with. The possibilities are endless when you follow one of the best oral sex tips for women.

6. For him: The Plumber


To give him control of the angle and intensity, get on your hands and knees. Your man will position himself in a squat-like position. Though it may seem like he has to do a whole lot of work to remain in that squat, it’s actually a lot easier, and more sensual, than it sounds. He gets to grab your butt or waist, using them to help control pacing and movements. It’s pretty similar to doggy-style sex, if that’s your jam.

7. For her: The Cliffhanger


If you want the freedom of your hands while you go down on her, this one’s for you. Have your lady position herself on the edge of the bed. She’ll then lay back with her legs draped over the edge so that, as you kneel between her legs, her vagina will be angled down toward you. This ensures you come in direct contact with her clitoris. Now, use your free hands as you please — playing with her nipples, fingering her, or getting the anus involved.

8. For him: The Sidecar

Let him look like Adonis as he lays on his side, one hand behind his head and the other hand and forearm keeping him perched up. Lay facing him, then slowly slide down until your face reaches his penis. While it may look pretty straightforward, this is a great angle for you to get extra steamy by reaching around to play with his anus.


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9. For her: Musical Chairs

Props can take your oral sex game to a whole new level, and this move is no exception. To make her feel like you put her on a pedestal, set up three chairs in a triangle shape. One will be for her butt, while the other two are for her feet. Then, position yourself on your knees below her as you gently lick her clitoris.


10. For him: The Plower

For this one, have your man lie on his back, with his head on a pillow. Like he's going into the yoga pose called "plow," he'll lift his legs straight up and over his head. While he holds onto the back of his legs, you'll also press on them for stability as you dive in. This also gives you access to his anus if that's his prerogative (and yours).

11. For both: Sofa King Good


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The classic 69 position is both loved and hated by many. Why? People claim it's distracting, while others love that it's double the pleasure. No matter your stance, who doesn't love a good couch sex session? Take things back to doing it on your parent's basement couch but with a whole lot more sophistication and experience with this next-level 69 pose.


Have your partner lie back on the couch with their feet on the back and their head hanging off the edge. You kneel over their head, facing the back of the couch so that you're hovering over your partner's face. They can use your legs or the back of the couch to stabilize.

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