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Everything You Need To Know About The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

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Everything You Need To Know About The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Sometimes we need to be broken open just so that we might be able to truly know the truth that is in our hearts.

August has been set up to be a game changer event and this lunation is just the warm-up to what we will be experiencing during the next month of eclipse season. Eclipses always affect our lives in a big way. They make it impossible to ignore the truth or to continue on blindly. Yet, it’s not through casual or gentleness that these moments occur, but instead through sudden unexpected flashes of brilliance.

Nothing is meant to stay the same forever. Yet, we often fear the change of the unknown more than the actual event itself. We worry that where we will be or what we will have is less than the reality we currently are comfortable in, but in many cases what lies ahead of us is so much better than we could even imagine, no matter what our horoscope says otherwise.

It’s only our fear that holds us back from making those big changes.

Aquarius likes to do things differently, to be a pioneer and strike out on her own accord. She’s independent and doesn’t really care if anyone agrees with her or not. Once she has her goal focused upon, she moves towards it with steadfast strength and nothing or no one can make her deviate from that.

But it’s kind of hard to move towards what we want when we don’t even know what that is for ourselves. This is the clarity that this full moon lunar eclipse will be bestowing upon all of us. Full moons are quite literally a time for a light to be shed on all that was hidden, but it also will be a time when we are shown some deeper lessons that perhaps we have struggled with for some time.

For many of us we don’t want to see the writing on the wall, we run from what we feel is true only to return back to the safety of the comfortable time and time again, and then still wonder why nothing seems to change. But this behavior is only ours to change and it won’t occur until we give ourselves permission to see things how they really are and not how we wished them to be.

So what is within your heart of hearts?

The life that is beating there just waiting to bloom and emerge from the darkness is the one that you are truly meant to live. We can struggle against the truth forever and wonder why life is so difficult, or we can simply make the choice to accept the hand that we are given and decide to play the sh*t out of it.

Now is not the time to fold. The only way that we end up with the lives we want is by taking those big risks and by being willing to gamble it all for only the smallest chance of success.

During the next month, everything — and I mean everything — will be up for review, including your love life.

Our personal intimate love relationships will be under a microscope and whether or not they support us in becoming our best possible selves will become increasingly clear. If we can’t trust the person that we love to support us through the chaos to help us become our best possible selves, then the reality is that this isn’t the best possible relationship for us.

Jobs come and go and careers change, but our inner passion does not. We will be experiencing profound moments of fight or flight the next month especially in terms of what we do to make a living. We will be asked to make concessions, to give up our purpose for comfort; the only thing that we have to decide is if instant success is worth selling ourselves out for.

The only thing that this full moon promises is, quite honestly, a swift kick in the rear.

We’ve been dragging our heels, trying to remain the same but still move forward, loving but not giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable, making a living yet forgetting to live. Now is the time when we will have that brilliant light of the full moon cast upon our hearts so that we might crack open to see what is truly at the center when we remove the static of life. What makes our center beat and where are we drawn to when the only person we decide to live for is ourselves?

Yes, it’s okay to go slow. No one ever ended up where they wanted to because they rushed. There are no ultimatums coming down the line, or "now or never" types of situations. We have this entire month ahead of us to ponder what these questions mean and how to best go about integrating them into our lives with our truth at the center of it.

No one will get out of this season of eclipses without experiencing some sort of dramatic change.

But we also won’t be fully open to them unless we can remove the barriers that we have placed within ourselves to being open to the surprises that life has in store. No one can make choices for us, yet it seems that we still allow others to do that because we lack direction when it comes to what we truly want out of this life.

We will be challenged to open the door to our hearts this next month letting those situations, jobs and people flow in and out as they are meant to. Not everyone is meant to remain with us on our entire journey; not every situation is one that we should be in for the rest of our lives.

It’s not about letting go, but about simply letting things be, and if something or someone flows away from you, just trust that it’s because it’s going to be replaced with something better. It’s messy, it’s bright, it’s chaotic and passionate, and it's called life. It’s not meant to be made sense of, it’s meant to be lived. 

Check out the video below to find out how solar and lunar eclipses affect you:


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