4 Tragic New Details About Cosmo DiNardo Who Just Confessed To Killing 4 Pennsylvania Men

Cosmo DiNardo

He said they're all buried on his family's farm.

Cosmo DiNardo, the person of interest in the case of the four missing Pennsylvania boys, confessed to killing all of them. 

The 20-year-old man who reportedly has schizophrenia told police that he murdered Jimi Patrick, Tom Meo, Dean Finocchiaro, and Mark Sturgis. DiNardo also told investigators that he buried the bodies in a 12-foot grave on his family’s $5 million dollar farm. 

Last night, police announced that identified human remains found in the grave to be that of 19-year-old Finocchairo. They have not commented on how many other bodies were in the grave, and if they were that of the other missing men. 

DiNardo confessed to the killings in exchange for a pledge prosecutors would not seek the death penalty.

Here are the latest details we know: 

1. A neighbor heard gunshots before the police start investigating the missing men. 

When the local police announced road closures Sunday evening, Susan Coleman commented saying she and her husband had her "shotgun firing sounds" four separate times. 

The next day, she commented again, wishing she would have gone to police sooner. 

"Officer Did take the info, however. This was Definitely suspicious shots fired - nothing like the hunters around here in season. 4 separate sets of gunfire. I feel incredibly guilty for not going with my instinct to call police immediately on Saturday afternoon." 

2. After the murders, DiNardo sent a photo of himself with a gun to his friends. 

Just says after Finocchario went missing, DiNardo was asked by a friend on Snapchat if he was worried about him, seeing as they were friends. 

“Cosmo isn’t your buddy Dean missing,” one acquaintance asked in a group message last weekend. “Aren’t you worried about buddydead [sic] dean.”

“I mean I know the kid but yeah I feel bad for his parents," DiNardo wrote back. "He’s a pill-popping junky who had 2 duis … He prob just jumped parole Or probation.”

One of the people in the chat shared the messages, along with a photo he said DiNardo had sent the group that shows him pointing a gun into the camera. 

3. He recently damaged his frontal lobe in a bike accident. 

According to friends of DiNardo's, six months ago he injured his head during a quad biking accident and was stranded in the woods for a day and a half.  The accident resulted in frontal lobe damage, and he started using a synthetic marijuana drug. This has not been confirmed. 

He was originally arrested on a gun charge because he's not allowed to own a firearm due to the face that he was once admitted into a mental health facility. 

4. His parents are mega rich. 

Antonio and Sandra DiNardo bought their large farm in Bucks County for $5.4 million dollars back in 2005. They purchased two other properties for $450,000 and $500,000 soon after. 

Thier wealth comes from trucking and concrete and taking over Antonio's real estate properties.