How To Make 69 Your New Favorite Position In 5 Easy Steps

It IS possible.

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If you have ever read anything I have written on this site before about different sex positions, then you know that I'm a pretty open person. 

There is, however, one sex position that I have always had a hard time wrapping my head around.

You know it: the 69 sex position.

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To me it seems so complicated, and unromantic to boot! Can you have an orgasm when you're so focused on giving one to someone else? What if you worry that you're going to fart the whole time he's eating you out? 


These are things I do not need to be worrying about during sex.

Today I decided that I needed to do more homework and, in the spirit of being more sexually accepting, figure out what's so appealing about the 69 sex position.

I discovered a few things that actually make it sound ... pretty darn hot! 

And, while it will never be my favorite sex position, keeping these 5 things in mind will definitely make your 69 sex experience as hot as humanly possible. 

1. Start with spooning



That's right, assume the position — the spooning sex position! 

Just because you've got the 69 sex position on the brain as your end goal, that doesn't mean it's where you should start.

Heck, it doesn't mean that's where you SHOULD start. 

Starting in the spooning position makes it easy for both you to become nice and aroused.

Once you're ready to go for it, have him get on his back and you get on top. 

That's right, 69-ing doesn't have to be side by side. 

In fact, going on top makes it easier for him to access your clitoris. 

2. Use your hands



I cannot overstate this — going down on each other is about so much more than your mouths.

Yeah, I mean, for blowjobs or cunnilingus your mouth is key, especially when you're in the 69 sex position, but just because your mouth is the star of the show that doesn't mean the rest of your body gets to take a time out.

Remember, the reason people 69 is to explore their partner's body from a new angle. 

Use your hands to do just that! They'll thank you for it.

3. Change your technique 



If you're considering 69-ing and how best to integrate it into your sex life, you've probably got blowjob skills you're pretty proud of. 

Let me tell you this right now: a blowjob while you're 69-ing is different than a blowjob all on its lonesome.

For one thing, you're going to be in a different position, so your standard technique might be hard to maneuver. 

Plus, even if you could, the whole point of this position is to be trying something new.

That makes this the perfect opportunity to change up your blowjob technique.

Play around with suction, speed, and how you use your hands. 

It will make for a truly mind (and penis) blowing experience. 


4. Take control

One of the weirdest thing about 69-ing, a thing that can make it slightly off-putting, is that it's not exactly a position that's easy to jump into. 

You can't be like "strip, I'm gonna sit on your face."

I mean, you could and I'm sure there are people who'd pay top dollar to have you do so, but in terms of foreplay, if you aren't kinky, that's a bit, well, much.


Start off your 69 experience by taking complete control of the show.

Set the scene: position him on the bed, let his head dangle slightly off the edge and stand over him (nude, duh) showering him with kisses and go from there.

This ain't yo mama's 69! 


I'm so sorry I brought your mom into this, guys. Anyway, you know what I mean. 

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5. It's okay to take turns 

Here's the best thing about 69-ing: the orgasms can surprise you.

Usually because you're so focused on the task at hand, you might not be aware of the fact that you're about to have an orgasm until you HAVE an orgasm.


Pretty hot, right?

I am firmly of the opinion that it's okay to stop giving him a blowjob when you're cumming if you find the multitasking too much.

Just be prepared to get right back to work. 

When it comes to orgasm, I'm equal opportunity: make sure you give and receive.