3 Zodiac Signs That Are The MOST Passive-Aggressive

They just don't take responsibility for anything.

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There’s always that person who is in what would seem to be a constant state of “almost.” They almost said it. They almost did it. They almost spoke what was really on their mind, and yet, they didn’t. They implied it, just like your horoscope implies the actions you should take.

They even hinted at it, but at the end of the day, that person could not be held accountable for any of the things they made you think was on their mind. When you spend your time implying, but not committing to, that’s called being passive-aggressive, and some zodiac signs have a predilection for passive-aggressive behavior.


Sometimes passive-aggressive behavior looks like fishing for compliments, while other variations on the theme look like insults. “I wouldn’t wear pants that tight, I mean, you could, if you want, but I wouldn’t... just sayin’...” That’s a passive-aggressive insult.

The insulter doesn’t want to take responsibility for actually delivering the crappy line, so they build themselves a little disclaimer just in case you confront them. “That’s not what I meant!” is the ultimate passive-aggressive out.

Passive-aggressive types don’t commit to an idea, but they push their idea fiercely through suggestion. Whereas an Aries is an outright aggressive personality, Pisces would be a good example of where in the zodiac this trait falls most appropriately.


Having said that, let’s start this up. Who are the zodiac signs that are most passive-aggressive and what can astrology tell us about them?

1. PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Hello again. These babies are 100 percent not into confrontation and should you even try, they will hit you with the full brunt of their tear-ridden martyrdom. They will sulk and brood and claim all the attention in the room, and if you finally give them what they want (attention) they will look the other way and whisper, “It’s OK.” Don’t ever ask a sulking Pisces what’s wrong, unless you are dead serious about not getting an honest answer. The ultimate waste of a group therapy session would be a circle full of Pisces martyrs, all suffering blissfully while explaining that “everything’s fine.”


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2. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

While these folks aren’t the suffering saints that Pisces’ are, their indecision alone can make you want to strangle them to death just to get them to commit to a plan. Gemini doesn’t want to fight, but he or she doesn’t want to commit either, so you’ll get a nice little song and dance routine each time when it comes to getting them to make up their minds. “Yeah, that sounds good” is what Gemini will tell you when you ask them if they want to go somewhere with you. Not, “Yes!” but “Hmm, I like that place.” If you’re a stickler for time and schedules, run — don’t walk — from your Gemini friend, as passive-aggressive behavior is what makes them tick.


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3. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Egads, you may end up pulling out your every hair trying to understand what your Libra friend or mate is trying to say to you. These folks are so into balance and efficiency that they rarely, if ever, commit to a solid sentence with solid emotion. They are truly loving people and nobody makes a better friend than your Libra buddy, but wow, when it comes to definitive statements, count them out. Plus, they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings so that limits how they communicate, at times.


Libra is passive-aggressive royalty; this is the original tribe of those who need their sentences finished for them. “Well, you know how it is,” says Libra, leaving it open for interpretation every single time. No, Libra, we don’t know how it is. How about telling us rather than leaving “it” all up to the imagination?

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