12 Monday Memes To Help You Feel Less Alone On the Worst Day Of The Week

funny monday meme

Laughter is the only way to get through.

The positive, happy person in me is supposed to be all "every day is a good day!" ... But I cannot tell a lie. Every day is not a good day when it's a Monday, and this is a universal truth — anyone who says differently is, in fact, the liar. 

But I won't steer you wrong or lead you on, forcing you to fall for the conspiracy that Monday can be what you make of it, no matter what that Monday meme your perky aunt Cheryl just shared on her social media says. Because Monday is the most soul-sucking, party-pooping day of the seven days. I won't do that to you. Not today, not on this Monday. 

And frankly, don't be the fool who believes the hype. Per usual, it's crucial that you approach Mondays with all the caution of Road Runner being chased by a stick of dynamite attached to Wile E. Coyote.

Stick to the plan and rejoice in the fact that you're never the only one suffering from a bad case of The Mondays.

In fact, I can't help but believe a good majority of the world is suffering from The Mondays as we speak, and the only way to get through it is by sharing funny-but-relatable memes that sum up the devil of a day. 

Because we want you to be happy, even on a Monday, we found the 12 best 'Monday' memes that will make you feel less annoyed, alone, and anxious about all that Monday means.

So, we shall come together and lift each other up on the worst day of the week: MONDAY. 

Monday's not-so-fresh cut.

But unlike mullet cuts, Monday was never the cool thing to do. It just is. 

S&M ... and not the kind.

In many ways, Sunday is the enemy too. You spend the entire day dreading the next day. It's a vicious cycle and probably why standing next to each other they say S&M. 

National recognition, please?

I mean there's been national observance for much less, so we're not really asking for much here.

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Mondays are always kicking you when you're down.

Nothing like a visit from Monday to send you right over the edge.

Best thing about a Monday...

To delude yourself is to love yourself...or at least during the work week. 

Get physical.

If only we could really slap the shit out of Monday. The world might feel a little better.

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Whine not Friday?

It's only on Monday that I have the urge to throw a full blown tantrum in the middle of the office until someone asks if I need a nap. Just like old times.

Don't worry, that's the norm.

I'm going to make this answer short and sweet: YES. Yes, it's not only normal but it's necessary. Run and tell your friend and whoever else will listen.

What Would Carrie Do (WWCD)?

The one time we can all relate to Carrie's "all about me" brattitude. OK, maybe not the only time. 

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Monday disappearing act.

But seriously, is this possible? If so I might add disappearing act to my resume.

Every Monday needs a game plan.

Just sit in our cubicle and pretend to be busy, that's what we're going to do. Don't know about you over there. 

Wrong day!

Monday is the stress of five days (not counting Sunday anxiety) rolled up into one.