The 7 Sex Positions That Turn Women On MOST (Inspired By The Best Movie Sex Scenes)

Yeh, even missionary.

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Everyone wants a new and exciting sex position to try out, right?
But, let me tell you! It's not about the position you end up in, but how you wiggle around in it that matters. I don't know this because of my age-old wisdom, but that just seems to be the story that movies tell.
Some of my favorite movie sex scenes turn me (and all women) on in such a major way, they make me want to try some of those basic sex positions that've probably been done already all over again — but with far more passion.  
Alot of sexy scenes in movies involve lot of standing positions, and although we only used one example in this list, I can't help but feel like that could be a sign that standing sex is somehow the most fantasized-about sex position played out through movies. Think of when Noah and Allie finally get together in The Notebook! But if we're being real, standing sex is probably one of the most difficult to execute. 
Regardless, all positions, even the most animalistic ones (ahem, doggy style) look sensual when you put a little extra TLC into them ... OK, and maybe when you get paid to make it that way and have some seriously hot co-stars to practice with (we're looking at you, Eminiem). 
Check out the 7 movie sex scenes that turn women on and make us want to try something just as passionate and erotic, using some of our favorite 'basic' sex positions that we can totally master and take. to the next level. 
1. Doggy Style, in Monster's Ball
This movie has become one of Berry's most known and infamous roles, due to the kinky sex. But no matter where you stand, you must admit that the sex is good ... wait. No. I mean it looks good. The way Billy Bob Thornton's character takes charge makes it quite the sexy scene — in a super raw way. 
2. Standing, in 8 Mile. 

Passion is the last thing you'd expect to come out of this, well at least in reference to sex, but that's exactly what the scene between rapper Eminem and the late Brittany Murphy was — a public but passionate tryst.


The two hoisted themselves up against a stack of crates, inside a factory, and had what appeared to be the kind of incredible quickie that rough sex lovers crave. 

3. Sitting, in Soul Food. 

Nia Long takes us back to high school as she's propped up on her mother's bathroom the sink, muffling her moans, but enjoying the thrill ride of her entire family being right below her. 
4. Missionary, in Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

OK. So maybe it's a little sci-fi-ish but it deserves a spot for Edward literally breaking the bed — a metaphor used to describe often overly confident and mediocre sex.


But in this scene that doesn't appear to be the case. In fact, it actually turned out to be baby-making sex.

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5. Cowgirl, in Gone Girl.

There were a ton of interesting sex scenes in this thriller, and while they were all equally yummy, we went with this one for the simple fact that Emily Ratajkowski's character didn't cower away, and she wasn't afraid to take what she wanted in the moment.


She really did the girl-on-top position justice. 

6. BlowJobPretty Woman.


A pro indeed, Julia Robert's character, prostitute Vivian Ward, manages to fellate Richard Gere's character into seduction while watching TV. 

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7. Cunnilingus, Basic Instinct.

Technique, technique, technique! We promise you it will take a position from basic to next level. Just look at Michael Douglas going for gold there.