10 Sultry Sex Quotes Guaranteed To Turn On A Pisces Woman

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She can't resist.

There is no other woman like a Pisces woman. She is selfless, a loving friend, compassionate, and wise.

She will always put you first.

Pisces is artistic in all forms; music, art, poetry. You name it, she probably does it. It’s the best way for her to express who she is!

She loves the sweet things in life: relaxing on the beach, naps, listening to music while meditating on the authenticity of life. She’s pretty deep — probably one of the most deeply emotional zodiac signs in astrology.


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But don't get it twisted — Pisces isn’t always your grade-A goody-two-shoes. If you say the right thing to her, she’ll show you her sensual side, too.

Everyone gets turned on by different things, and generic sex quotes don’t always work for everyone. Pisces knows she doesn’t need graphic porn and overly-sexual quotes to turn her on.


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No, she finds the most pleasure in hearing beautiful words to describe sex and lust. Something not anyone could write off-hand — something only a person who really, truly KNOWS her could write.

Write her a poem, play her a sensual song and you will have her wrapped around your finger (if you say it JUST the right way).

Erotic poetry is right up her alley and is the easiest way to turn on on a Pisces woman.

Take a look at these 10 sultry sex quotes to get her revved up for the bedroom.

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Drowning in you.
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"He kissed me like he was drowning and I was air." - Unknown

Dirty little secret.
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"I want to taste you again, like a secret or a sin." - Unknown

Write poetry about her.
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"Your touch is poetry I want to write." - Josh Walker

She desires you.
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"Indulge in me. Le me be the fragrant taste your mouth desires." - a.a. malee

Read her like a book.
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"Put your hands on my knees, she said, and think of me as a book you've been dying to read." - Michael Faudet

Don't waste an opportunity.
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"You have such a pretty mouth. To feed it only kisses would be a wasted opportunity." - Michael Faudet

She lives for lustful nights.
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"She lived for nights thick with lust and romance and wine and naked kisses." -  Mason Fowler

Dirty texts are the best texts.
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"I want to be the reason you slightly tilt your phone away from others when you read it." - Unknown

Expect nothing less than fireworks.
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"When you are ready for fireworks instead of sparklers, I will come for you." - Erin Van Vuren

Devour her.
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"I love the way you look at me. Like you are about to talk to me or devour me and I am fine with either." - N.R. Hart