The Wrong Type Of Guy For Your Zodiac Sign (That You'll Fall For Anyway)

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zodiac signs and the men they shouldn't date or marry
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You think you know the right type of guy for you but are you aware of the wrong type? You know, the type of guy that you get involved with repeatedly and it never works out with. Is it that you’re hopeful that this time it will be different or are you just blind to this mistake that you’re making?

There are many patterns in life, things that we do over and over again. You may have the same routine every day or maybe you seem to buy the same kinds of clothes. Some patterns can hurt us if we do them too much or are damaging to our well-being. If you do something too much like smoking all weed every day, all day, that’s a problem or always choosing the hardest to get along with people to be friends with.

Sometimes we need to be able to identify our patterns in order to change them.

Does a hot guy on a motorcycle give you a funny feeling in your stomach every time you encounter one, or is it the smart, silent type that you can’t resist? Over time when the motorcycle guy refuses to clean up after himself or you get annoyed that the smart, silent guy never speaks, you forget what it was about them that attracted you in the first place.

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Sometimes, we’re pleasantly surprised when the motorcycle guy ends up being someone who helps out around the house or the smart, silent type is a great conversationalist. But often, the same pattern of behavior that you don’t like repeats itself while you are dating and the relationship ends.

If you know the type of guy that really isn’t a good match for you, you may be more sensitive to the red flags that it’s not a good idea to pursue a relationship with him. Here are the zodiac signs and the men they shouldn't date or marry.

ARIES: The forever elusive guy
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It's true that you love the chase, but after a while, too much chase is frustrating and annoying. Sure, you like a good challenge but how can you ever win if you can't catch him long enough to proclaim your victory? You don't enjoy things that are open-ended, so never getting any closure will frustrate and anger you. Find someone who will commit to you but still keep you guessing.


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TAURUS: The guy who has no sense of who he is
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You might think because you're so strong, and some would say inflexible, that you'd need a man you could bend to your will. But where's the fun in that? You need someone who can stand their ground and won't let you walk all over them. If they're too wishy-washy, you'll lose respect for them and will quietly be embarrassed for them.


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GEMINI: The shady guy
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You're all about communication so the last thing you need is someone who isn't up front with who they are and what they're all about. A shady guy may seem intriguing but after trying your best to find out what's behind that air of mystery, you will just get bored and we all know that you don't do boredom well. You need a guy who is just as intelligent, forthcoming, and honest as you are.


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CANCER: The guy who is just like your ex
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We know, your ex was everything to you and you think if you find a carbon copy of him, it will work out even better than it did before. But no matter how much this guy may have a lot in common with your ex, he's not your ex and it's not fair to him to try to make him be a clone of your ex. Clearly, you need to move on from your ex and find someone who is completely different from him.


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LEO: The guy with the huge ego
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You think that only someone with an abundance of self-confidence and self-esteem can handle being with you, but the problem is they're going to compete with you for the spotlight and you don't like that. Someone can be strong and confident without throwing it in everyone's face. You need someone who is confident enough to stand beside you but not try to overshadow you. 


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VIRGO: The damaged guy
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You can fix anything, right? So, you tend to go for broken guys that you can fix. What happens when you've fixed them to the point that you find them acceptable? They break up with you and go out with somebody else. You have high standards for yourself, so now is the time to raise the standards you have for the men you go out with. No one is perfect, but that doesn't mean you should settle for way less than you deserve.


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LIBRA: The guy who is a non-communicator

You may think that a good way to keep your relationship harmonious is to do all the talking yourself. The problem is that you love a good verbal sparring and when someone is a terrible communicator, you get frustrated. You need someone who is as witty as you are and someone who is open and honest, even if what they have to say isn't always pleasant. 


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SCORPIO: The guy who lies all the time
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We all like flattery sometimes and a nice compliment can lift our spirits, but no one likes someone who never speaks the truth. You don't want someone who is so busy kissing your ass that they're never real with you. Besides, you hate liars — they drive you bananas. You want someone who is passionate, sensual, and will say the right things at the right time. After a while, a bunch of baseless praise just sounds like white noise.


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SAGITTARIUS: The guy who never wants to do anything
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You tend to think that you have enough personality and enthusiasm for two people. But no matter how hot somebody may be, if they never want to go out and try new things, you'll lose interest fast. You need someone who is willing to explore the world with you and have adventures, not be a stick in the mud.


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CAPRICORN: The guy with the terrible credit rating
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Admit it, you tend to take relationships very seriously. You may pretend that you're only in it for some laughs, but everyone is a potential candidate for a long-term relationship. Having a secure financial foundation is extremely important to you and if someone has bad credit and has creditors calling all the time, they're not meant for you. I'm not saying check their credit report before you date them, but if the opportunity comes up, it might not be a bad idea.


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AQUARIUS: The overly dependent guy
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You're independent and you prefer your relationships to be without ties. So, if some guy is overly possessive of you or too clingy, it just won't work with you. You need a relationship that isn't restrictive and that will let you have your autonomy. If you want to do something by yourself, it should be okay with your partner.


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PISCES: The guy who can't keep it in his pants
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You definitely don't want to be with a player for every time he cheats on you, you'll feel as if you were stabbed in the heart. It's bad enough that he cheated but you're so forgiving that you'd give him a second, third, and fourth chance to be better... and he never would be. Find someone loyal, compassionate, and who only has eyes for you.


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