Dating & Effective Communication: Hook & Keep A Man


Dating & Effective Communication: Learn How To Keep A Man
Good communication starts on the first date: are you speaking clearly?

We all know that effective communication is important for couples, but don't forget to talk the talk when you're dating — you'll hook a man who is really worthwhile.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place," said George Bernard Shaw. That's the truth, especially when you put on your pretty smile, a sexy red halter dress, and hope for the best on your first date with Mr. Really Sweet Black Mercedes Convertible (who actually calls his mom every week and treats you like a queen). You think everything is going well, and then you never hear from him again, or the next guy... or the next guy (and so forth).


What's going on here? Instead of placing the blame on the guys, consider that maybe the problem is how you communicate. Perhaps what you say doesn't always match how you feel. There are a lot of reasons a man might not call, but a big one that will have any good guy running in the opposite direction is a woman who's not a good communicator. Having effective communication means being authentic at all costs, even if it means losing a chance with him. He will know when you are not being real... and no good man wants to be with a faker. Don't turn him off by acting like this...

Do you know how to get across your desires?

3 Steps to Communicating Effectively

1. Deep listening. You can enhance your communication style by actively paying attention to your date. What does this look like? Sometimes, it looks like you using your ears more than your mouth. That's one way to do it. Your ears aren't just to show off your big silver hoops. Earrings are a great accessory for one of your biggest communication assets, so you might as well dress them well and match your outfit while you are paying attention to that new sharply dressed man.

When you're in a conversation, sometimes less is more. If there is a silence over cocktails, you don't have to always fill up the space with a monologue. You can look in his eyes and connect with him. When it come to shiny earrings and listening, in my book, bigger is always better. Learn to attract a man the right way by luring him in with your love.

2. Body language. How you hold yourself in conversations says a lot about your values and personality. Cross your legs or ankles, ladies, at least until you get to know each other. If you sit like a man, well, you will look like one wearing a dress and blue mascara.

Men, especially alpha males, like to take up a lot of space. Do you want to compete with a guy? I don't think so, unless you want to lose him faster than the speed of light. When it comes to love, it's not a competition (except with the other women who are chasing him!). If you overdramatize your movements in a manly way, you'll become a competitor. Don't do it. If you look like a lady, you will lure in the right kind of man by having effective communication with your body language.

3. Play BallEffective communication is one of the biggest elements to building the kinds of relationship you really want, and one of the biggest dangers to a healthy relationship is game-playing. You can have fun when you're getting to know a new man, but you don't want to confuse him. When he throws you the verbal communication ball, make sure to throw it back. If he asks you a question, answer honestly and don't be vague. Men don't want to have to read between the lines to figure out what you really mean.

For example, if he asks if you like ice cream, but you are lactose-intolerant and just looking at it makes you sick, you don't have to give him all the gory details of what happened to your tummy the last time. Simply tell him, "It's really not my favorite, but I do love sorbet!"

It doesn't matter how good your berry bomb lips look when speak, what really matters is how you communicate, and communication is not just your words. Having effective communication is the key to getting to know yourself, letting others see the real you, and, in the process, getting the man of your dreams. Want to know the worst way to act that will push any good man away?

Effective communication will make not only your dating and love life EPIC, it will help you in all of your relationships. If you are looking to have more than just one date with a guy, or even a serious, monogamous relationhship, dating is the very best place to get to know yourself and practice your newly found effective communication skills. Put them into use now. When you meet a new guy, love yourself, look into his eyes, speak from your heart, and you will land that man who is perfect for you. But until then, be real and put yourself out there, and have plenty of fun along the way.

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