What Really Happens To Your Body When You Have Sex On A Plane

Fasten your seat belts ...

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I have always wanted to join the mile high club. 

I've come close (more on that a little later), but sadly no cigar when it comes to having full sex on an airplane. 

On a recent survey, as many as 20 percent of all flyers indicate that they have had sex on plane, meaning that pretty soon, the mile high club is going to have start looking for bigger offices than the one it has now.

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What is it exactly about having sex in the air that makes it so damn compelling for people? Is it the risk factor of getting caught having sex in public, or is it something more?

I looked into what happens to your body when you have sex in the air to join the mile high club, and the results might make you reconsider your stance against joining the mile high club.

Here are 5 things I discovered about having sex in the air that make it so damn satisfying: 

1. The balance of oxygen in your brain is affected.



Sex expert Susan Quilliam says, “One of the great things about sex in the air is that it can safely affect the balance of oxygen to your brain — which can heighten sensation and make for a strong orgasm.”

That's right — when the balance of oxygen is just so inside your dome, your senses are heightened, which can make for super intense orgasms. 

If you doubt this, ask your friends about all of the weird movies they've cried watching on airplanes: it's a fact of human biochemistry, everything about us is heightened (literally and figuratively) when we're flying. 

2. The amount of oxygen in your blood stream is lowered. 



Quilliam says, “Flying can sometimes lower the amount of oxygen in your blood stream and your brain; when safely achieved, this can make you feel even more aroused."

If you're a person who is aroused by being choked during sex, you might find that this sensation is easy to achieve without the actual hands around your throat when you're in the air. 

Who knew that the mile high club was so damn kinky! 

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3. The novelty heightens arousal. 



Quilliam adds, "The novelty and the excitement of sex in the air can also make for more excitement and an even better climax.”

Well no shit, Sherlock.

Seriously, if you're a person who enjoys sex in public, or the high-risk factor of being caught doing something naughty, it doesn't get any naughtier than joining (or even trying to join) the mile high club.

I once gave a boyfriend a handjob during a nighttime flight and while we eventually stopped, the sex we had when we deplaned was hot as hell! 

Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can make you feel sexy and ready for anything!  

4. The vibrations enhance play. 


So think about. What's something planes do other than transport you hither and yon? 

They vibrate, they shake, they jostle.

If you're the kind of woman who enjoys sex saddles like the Sybian, giving yourself a vibrating hand courtesy of a sex toy during your sexual encounters, or if you've ever sat on the washing machine or the dryer and felt a special tingle, having sex in the air might give you the kind of sexual charge you've always craved! 


And don't feel like a pervert. Guys get boners on the bus every day of the week.