20 Ridiculous Sex Facts That Will SHOCK You!

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Sex Facts That Will SHOCK You!

These sex facts are interesting, weird and some are downright terrifying. Enjoy!

  1. Studies show that women who believed they were completely straight are actually attracted to everything from female nude bodies to animal sex. The amazing thing is that your body will respond to a very wide range of sexual stimuli. Of course, this sex fact does not make you a zoophile or anything! (Source.)
  2. Everybody and their mom has a vibrator nowadays, and it may seem as if they were invented just like any other sex toy: with no other purpose than sexual satisfaction. However, you may be surprised to know that vibrators were invented as a remedy for something people called "hysteria nervosa." This "disease" was often encountered in women who were not married, and the main symptoms were sex cravings and mood swings. The women who suffered from this "disease" were taken to a physician where, often in the presence of their husbands (if they had any), the professional would...satisfy them by massaging their most intimate zones. This happened up until a new and more automatic device was invented to treat hysteria nervosa: the vibrator. (Source.)
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte's penis was cut off by his doctor when he died so that it could be used for the autopsy. Many years later, in 1977, the penis was sold for around $3,000. At that time, it had a size of 1.5 inches. (Source.)
  4. Sex can be a form of exercise. OK, you're not gonna lose much weight just from sex, but it is a fun way to shed a couple of pounds in a happier and more pleasurable way than actually going to the gym. 30 minutes of sex can help you burn somewhere around 200 calories. (Source.)
  5. There is no need to care about smelling bad during sex. We don't sense nasty smells around us when we are having sex, because our bodies are very aroused. (Source.)
  1. Men with two penises actually exist. If you have ever seen a movie featuring a porn star with two penises, then you may have wondered if it's real. Yes, it is! Diphallus is a condition that affects about 1 man in 6 million, but it is even rarer that both of the penises are actually functional. Men born this way often suffer from other conditions, too. (Source)
  2. You may not know it, but a woman releases only one egg each month in most cases. That makes for one chance to procreate each month. By comparison, there are about 300 million sperm in just one teaspoon of semen. That seems like a large difference, but the truth is that a very small percentage of these swimmers actually make it to the uterus and even a smaller percentage survives it before it fertilizes the egg. One of these little guys is enough for pregnancy, but sometimes not even one of the 300 million of them make it to the end! (Source)
  3. One of the healthiest things you can do for your heart and for your entire body have orgasms! It's actually something I teach on the Bad Girl's Bible site—it has been scientifically proven that orgasms help women grow their hearts stronger and lower the risk of a heart disease or stroke. Not to mention that orgasms lower your chances of developing breast cancer and they help you fight depression (because the body releases "happiness" hormones when you have an orgasm)! So I suppose you could say the more orgasms the better! (Source)
  4. Want to know a creepy fact about your man's penis? It probably used to have spikes. Obviously this isn't something that happens these days. It was common long before even Neanderthals were roaming the earth. Spiked penises are something that have been speculated about by many scientists, out there for quite a while now. Cats are one example of creatures with spiked penises, and scientists believe that humans developed penile spikes as well because spikes apparently quicken the pace of an erection. (Source)
  5. Want to know one of the weirdest facts your vagina? It can expand. Yes, your vagina is built in an ingenious way that allows it to expand itself when needed. Your vagina is about 3 inches in length normally. However, during the sexual intercourse, your uterus will be pulled up to make more space for your guy to enter you. Usually, this means that the length of your vagina will expand itself to about 5 inches, but if your man is particularly gifted, this length can be even larger. (Source)
  6. Speaking of "gifted" males, you may be curious to know who the king in the animal world is when it comes to penis length. There are several animals out there that have some pretty impressive phalluses! The whale is the animal with the largest penis on Earth (and it reaches the impressive length of no less than 8 feet!). Among land animals, the elephant is king, with a penis that is 6 feet long. As for the other end of the record pole, the shrew is the animal with the smallest penis on Earth. (Source)
  1. Spanking and hair pulling would make you pretty mad in day-to-day life. However, during sexual intercourse, many women actually like these things. How come? The answer is simple: your body’s threshold of pain is increased significantly during the sexual act, allowing for an easier and more painless penetration. Thus, spanking, hair pulling and other "aggressive acts" such as these will feel less painful when you are aroused. The only problem? You can end up hurting yourself and not even notice it until after sex! (Source)
  2. Kids nowadays...According to the recent studies, most teenagers nowadays have sex younger than the previous generations. Studies show that on average, both girls and boys lose their virginity at around the age of 17. Boys are slightly more in a hurry than girls, but not by much. (Source)
  3. You've probably had a Kellogg breakfast cereal before—Corn Flakes? Frosties?—but did you know that the creator of these cereals believed that they had found a "remedy" for masturbation? They believed that they could prevent masturbation by reducing the heat in the penis, which, according to their ideas, had a lot to do with the food intake. (Source)
  4. Have you ever felt your brain simply mushing out after an orgasm? Perhaps you had difficulty even forming a coherent sentence after sex. Studies show that a woman's amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for fear and anxiety, just shuts down during an orgasm—and this essentially leads you to chilling out completely and to your body making uncontrollable movements. (Source)
  5. I've already pointed out that orgasms can make you happier. However, did you know that your man's semen is an incredibly powerful natural antidepressant? Studies show that a man's semen contains 3 powerful antidepressants. In addition to these, it contains cortisol (increases affection), estrone (boosts your mood) and oxytocin (also a mood booster as well), serotonin (an antidepressant neurotransmitter) and melatonin (a sleep aid). (Source)
  6. Hold your bladder. Actually, you don't have to do this during sexual intercourse because your body has been engineered to do it for you. Basically, your body will release a natural antidiuretic hormone which will prevent you from peeing immediately after having sex. However, do bear in mind the fact that holding it too long can lead to infections—and you definitely want to avoid that! (Source)
  7. Here's another one of the facts about sex considered to be among the weirdest: there are cultures in which the shrinking of a penis or the shrinking of the nipples has led to actual mass hysteria. Apparently, this fear has no actual evidence to sustain it, but it can develop into a huge deal for some people. It's called Koro syndrome. (Source)
  8. Erections follow men throughout their lives, from the moment they are born to the moment they die. Actually, it has been shown that fetuses can have erections and that after dying by hanging, some people have post-mortem erections! (Source)
  9. Between 1770 and 1784, during a time span of no more than 14 years, king Fatefehi of Tonga allegedly had sex with at least one new women per day—37,800, to be more precise. (Source)

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