10 Sexy Things To Do For Your Man (That He Really WISHES You Would Do)

Get it, girl.

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Everyone likes to be surprised, especially when it’s a sexy surprise. I spoke to four men and got their feedback on what sort of “sexy” surprises they’d love for their women to spring on them.

So, ladies, if you’re listening, it’s time to get creative with these sexy things to do for your man to turn him on like crazy. And the good news is some of these surprises are simple, everyday things you can do to get him “at attention” without dressing in full character gear. Although, that might do it for some guys. Wink.


1. Wear your sexiest lingerie.

Please, ladies, break out the sexy lingerie. It’s easy and it works. Each time. No matter your body type, he wants to see you in that lingerie. 

"Bralettes, boy shorts, lace, sporty, I don't care. The surprise of new underwear may be a given, but it never gets old for me." 

2. Bring him flowers.

I was genuinely surprised and happy to hear one of the men share they’d like a “Trail of flowers leading to the tub or the bedroom.” Men like a little romance too, and not just the dirty, filthy and kinky surprises.

3. Give him a sensual massage.



How many of us ladies “ooh and aah” over body massages? Well, according to one man, "A full body massage? Now that could get a lady some serious loving!”  Consider the benefits of these surprises, girls.

4. Take a hint from Fifty Shades Darker.

Guys like a little S&M, please.

“Have her blindfold me and do things to me. Maybe some light bondage with hot wax.”

5. Have a threesome.

This fellow wishes his wife would bring a friend:We're in the lifestyle, and I've always hoped my wife would surprise me by bringing home one of our female friends for an evening together. Or even better, I come home to find them there together.”

That’s what I’d call a surprise.


6. Wear nothing but an old t-shirt.

Thinking about throwing out an old t-shirt? Hanging on to one of his? Get creative, girl.

"There's something about a woman in a t-shirt and panties and nothing else. I love the tease.”

7. Tantalize him with dirty talk.

Women aren’t the only ones who like to talk. A little dirty talk and a little fantasizing prepare him for takeoff, so to speak.


“I'm a bit of a 'discussion geek' so I like it when I come home and she's planned an evening of cocktails and sexy discussion cards... like sharing fantasies or reminiscing about sexy times we've had with others."

8. Plan a romantic evening.

A man needs to be "maintenanced" by his woman. At least, this man likes a little high-brow romance and sensuality:


“I love opulence. So, I've loved it when she's planned an evening of good champagne, sushi, expensive massage oil, lots of candles... kind of romantic and indulgent.”

9. Let him watch you masturbate.

“An ex of mine knew I loved to watch her touch herself. I came home one day and she was on the couch, half-dressed, teasing herself with a toy. 'I was waiting for you,' she said. I'll never forget that.”


10. Dress up in a sultry rocker chick get-up.

A little rock n’ roll never hurt any man.

“The best sexy surprise would be being greeted with an 80s rock shirt with no panties, some sexy lingerie, and thigh-high boots!”