13 Unique Matching Couples Tattoos — That Aren't TOO Matchy

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Forget cheesy wedding vows or extravagant rings because nothing is more meaningful than the permanence of a tattoo. Tattoos are a great choice for two people who want to show their gratitude and commitment to one another.

After all, tattoos alone are a commitment, but when you match with your boo that commitment is PERMANENT.

Everyone has seen the classic puzzle piece and lock and key choices for couple tattoos. But you may be thinking “our relationship is spicy and we need a tattoo that will fit the fire that IS our love”.

Do not fret! I have the perfect couples tattoos to inspire your search!

These UNIQUE couples tattoos are going remind you what love is all about. They are simplistic, beautiful, and absolutely one-of-a-kind. Just like your LOVE!

These matching (but maybe not totally identical) tattoos will also remind you that ALL ideas are great ideas. If something is special to you then try see how you can incorporate it into your tattoo.

The tattoo is meant to represent your love and even if it sounds a little cooky or out-of-the-box, I say go for it!

Let’s say you both love musicals! Who doesn’t? You find cool, abstract sketches of the Phantom and Christine from The Phantom of the Opera. Maybe tweak it here and there to fit your relationship and you got a kick ass couples tattoo that everyone will be jealous of!

WOW! I am getting slightly inspired myself! But honestly, my mom would KILL me! So Ill leave the quirky tattoo hunting for you and I wish you luck on finding the best tattoo for you and your boo.

Check out these totally unique couple tattoos to stay inspired on your search!

Take an out-of-this-world approach inspired by these space age lovers.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Matching galactic couples tattoo.

Go tribal by paying tribute to your heritage.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Matching finger tribal tattoos.

Get something that only means something when you are together.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Couples "LOVE" hand tattoo.

Find inspiration from your childhood.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Peter Pan matching arm tattoos.

Or stay simplistic.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Minimalist matching wrist tattoos.

Go retro with something that says "you complete me".

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Matching Tetris wrist tattoos.

Put your creation where no one else has before.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Sun and moon matching foot tattoos.

Skip the rings and try something new.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Ring couples tattoo.

Simple yet sophisticated.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Simplistic matching arm tattoos.

Get inspired by intergalactic love.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Matching gun couples tattoo.

Take a pin-up approach for body art you'll LOVE forever.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Pin-up couples tattoo.

Be the MOST unique with handwritten messages.

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Handwriting couples tattoo.

Use abstract ideas like the distance to the moon and back!

couples tattoos matching tattoos

Abstract numbers tattoo.