The 'P-Shot' Promises To Make His Penis Bigger — But Does It Work?

Whoa nelly!

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Even if you hate plastic surgery (in theory or in practice) you have to be humbled or at the very least impressed by all the different treatments that are currently available. I will never get a nose job (I’ve done too much work on this whole “learning to love myself” thing) but I will never not be impressed by the advances available when it comes to rhinoplasties. 

It’s like how I can admire all of those insane shoes Lady Gaga wears without feeling remotely pressured to don a pair myself and risk breaking my ankle. Same goes with those monster dildos you sometimes see: I am humbled in their presence, but that thing isn’t going anywhere near my vagina. 


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The latest fixation in the world of plastic surgery is one I’ve actually experiment with myself: treatments performed on the vagina and the penis to enhance sensation or change the appearance. I infamously got the O-Shot, which involved a needle being stabbed into my clitoris, but the results were insanely worth it.

Lately, more and more men are opting to get penis treatments like the "P-shot" and other treatments.

The P-shot, officially named the Priapus shot, is a little bit different from the shot in the vagina. I’ve been obsessed with learning as much about it as I can so that I can pass the info on to you and you and your dude can decide if getting "fillers" in his penis is something you both might be interested in trying. 


Here's what you need to know about the Priapus shot, or P-shot:

1. What is the P-shot and how does it work? 

You know how if you wanted to you could go to a plastic surgeon and they would inject fillers into your lips to make them appear fuller and plumper? Yeah, it’s that, but for his penis. Women have been doing this to their labia for years. 


While cosmetic fillers are not currently approved by the FDA for use inside a penis, that hasn’t stopped the increase in popularity when it comes to this procedure. 

The penis is numbed using a topical gel, followed by two shots, and then the injection of the "filler" — plasma harvested from the man's own blood — is put inside of the penis. 

Patients report an immediate and visible change in the size (usually the girth) of their penis when flaccid and erect.

The effects last up to six months, so if your man ends up liking it, he’ll have to get used to having needles in his penis on the reg. 

2. How much does the P-shot cost? 



One treatment will set your man back between $1,000 and $1,500. Some men do not see the results they like after one treatment and opt for two to get the fullness they are looking for. 

Repeat visits like that can total a penis job that costs up to $3,000. 

That might sound like a fair chunk of change (because it is) but when it comes to having fillers stabbed into your penis, you do not want to "find a deal."

There are loads of unlicensed so-called doctors who will get you a deal, but there’s no guarantee they won’t miss the mark and cause nerve damage instead. 

3. Why do men get penis fillers?



Why does anyone do something to change their physical appearance? Because they are looking for a boost in their confidence. 

I asked one man (who has asked to remain anonymous) what inspired him to get fillers injected into his penis, and he was really honest about it: “I was tired of feeling insecure the first time I took off my pants around a partner. Like, you get in a relationship and eventually no one cares, but there’s always that first time.” 

While the fillers will not guarantee a longer penis, they guarantee a wider one and very often that’s all men need to boost their self-esteem. 

4. What does sex with the p-shot feel like? 


One of the reasons I keep harping about making sure you spend the right amount of money on this procedure is because if you go to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing they could hit a nerve and your penis could wind up without any sensation at all. Scary stuff, right? 

Ideally, the increased girth will make for partnered sex that feels better.


“I don’t know if it was feeling more confident or if there was a real physical difference, but sex is better now. It just is,” says anonymous dude who got penis fillers. 

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5. How long does the p-shot last? 

The effects of the fillers last about six months, sometimes they work a little longer, for some men they effects may wear off a little bit more quickly. 


The days following the injections you may feel some soreness, but nothing that isn’t totally manageable. Unlike the O-Shot, you aren’t advised to have sex right away. Wait until you feel comfortable and ready and then let that new chubby boy out to play!