Men Are Paying $800 To Get Their Testicles Botoxed To Reduce Wrinkles

Photo: weheartit
men testicles botox

Men: would you pay $500 to $800 to have your testicles Botoxed? Well, there’s a new trend for men with plastic surgery, and it’s quite surprising.

While it’s fairly standard in the modern age for people to want Botox in order to get a smoother forehead or to remove other lines in their skin, men now have the option to get injections of Botox straight into their family jewels.

The purpose? Apparently to make them more cosmetically appealing.

The procedure, dubbed “Scrotox” by a Saturday Night Live sketch, has seen a noted rise in men’s intake of cosmetic fillers. Since the year 2000, men getting Scrotox has increased over 300 percent

Men are going in to get their scrotums injected because they think it causes their sacks to look bigger, but this trend has little base in “actual medical research,” according to Dr. Mary K. Samplaski. Samplaski is an expert at the University of Southern California in the Institute of Urology, and she believes “There’s literally one one peer-reviewed manuscript on Scrotox, and it wasn’t for cosmetic, it was for scrotal pain.”

So while Scrotox is gaining steam for its cosmetic purposes, it seems that the actual use has nothing to do with appearance, but the pain some men might experience. Still, that doesn’t seem to stop men from wanting to go in for the procedure on their penis.

According to Dr. John Mesa, a plastic surgeon who has performed Scrotox on 10 men in the last year, Botox is as safe in a man’s testicles as it is anywhere else on a person.

But why exactly are men getting the injections to begin with? It turns out that the reason men are getting Scrotox is in order to make their testicles look bigger.


The Botox works by causing the muscles that normally hold their family jewels closer to the body to relax, which causes them to drop lower. Thus, it makes them seem larger. By Dr. Mesa’s estimate, it “mimics the effects of a warm day: the testicles appear lower and look smoother with fewer wrinkles.” Men pay as much as $800 per session to give a little self-confidence boost to their little boys!

It’s hard to say whether this trend is worth it for the price for a bit of an esteem bump, but hey, if people can get their foreheads Botoxed into stiff oblivion, is Scrotox really that outrageous?