The TOP Melissa McCarthy Impression Videos of Sean Spicer From SNL

Photo: YouTube
The TOP Melissa McCarthy Impression Videos of Sean Spicer From SNL

SO funny!

Seaaaaan Spicer? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Are you behind a bush?

Maybe you're behind a TRUMP!

Either way, it's fine if you continue to hide because we've got Melissa McCarthy to keep us busy laughing until you decide to emerge from some hedge, or whatever.

Melissa McCarthy is BACK on Saturday Night Live this weekend and they released some pretty AH-mazing promos!

If Melissa McCarthy lip syncing to "I Feel Pretty" and then transforming into White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer wasn't good enough for you, well you're in luck!

"Sean Spicer" was filmed riding his podium in uptown Manhattan this morning and thanks to social media, WE'VE GOT THE CLIPS!

It already looks HYSTERICAL and I can't wait to see McCarthy hiding in a bush.

If you're like my husband who was totally oblivious to the bush fiasco, let me recap for you.

When FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump, the media pretty much exploded. 

This whole firing of James Comey is a big deal because he was leading the investigation into Russian ties and the Trump campaign.

Of course when the news hit, Spicer and his staff were NOT ready to be confronted.

So what is a White House Press Secretary to do?

Hide in a hedge.

Yes, folks. Sean Spicer and some of his staff hid behind a hedge for a few minutes to avoid the media.

Only in 2017, am I right?

But now we get to see art imitate life with a fresh new Saturday Night Live, and thank the Goddesses above that Melissa McCarthy just happens to be the host this week.

In preparation for what is to be a phenomenal performance, here are the BEST Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer videos:

1. It was a HUGE crowd!

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer chewing gum and taking names. "Sean Spicer" reveals his email password and talks about the travel ban that isn't a ban but is a ban but ... isn't a ban!

2. Don't forget to buy Ivanka!

Sean Spicer does NOT like the stupid, failing New York Times reporter and speaks of the travel ban while threatening that Donald Trump will see the Appeals court in The People's Court. Don't EFF with Spicey!

3. Sean Spicer is an Easter Bunny.

Yes, the REAL Sean Spicer was The White House Easter Bunny during the Bush administration and Melissa McCarthy nails it! Oh, and let's not talk about the chocolate cake that Trump loved so, so much.