5 Things You Must Understand About Dating A Man With A Small Penis

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When you fall in love with a man with a small penis, you are embarking on an incredible voyage of discovery, much like when Christopher Columbus set off to discover his new world.

You'll find yourself researching sex positions and making snide jokes to your friends. But if your relationship with a man with a small penis begins to develop into something serious, you will learn that there is an emotional side to dating a man with a small penis. 

When you date a man with a small penis and its get serious, you start to learn what goes on in his head, and it goes deeper than you might think.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the emotional side of dating a man who's small in that area:

1. If you love him it doesn't matter. 

That's what I want you to know before you know anything else. 

If you fall in love with a man and he is a man with a small penis, his small penis won't matter anymore or less than his habit of singing Taylor Swift quietly to himself in the next room when he thinks he's home alone.

If you love him, his penis is part of him, not good or bad, just him. There are a million and twelve ways of making sex with a small penis delicious, and you will have the privilege, honor and orgasm-filled fun of figuring them all out. 


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2. He's probably stronger because of it. 

I always tell people who talk to me about penis size that men care more about a small penis than women do, and I think this is true.

Just as women experience a lot of pressure to look one way, men feel a lot of pressure to subscribe to their own perceived norms when it comes to traditional masculinity. 

And yeah, that means penis size, too.

If you love a man with a small penis, he knows he has one, he's been teased for it, and he could have even been dumped for it. Like everything else that happens to us in life to form who we are, these events have all helped make him into the tough, awesome, funny, smart resilient man he is today. 

3. Your sex will be intense. 

When a man knows that his small penis could be a turn-off, it means that he has developed a series of other skills in the bedroom. 

A man with a small penis is eager to connect with you and turn you on, and he is willing to do the work to get there. He is probably deeply skilled when it comes to oral sex, and that goes double for finger fucking.

It's not that he has "something to prove", but to him, sex is about MORE than his penis, and that can lead to really intense experiences. 

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4. He has a healthier view of bodies. 

This type of man knows that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. He also knows that this doesn't make one better or worse than any other. If a man has a small penis and he's confident, it's because he knows that we are more than the sum of our parts. 

This means you have probably found a man who appreciates a wide array of body types. The man I dated with a small penis was so open-minded when it came to women he was attracted to, and I think it was seriously because having a small penis made him appreciate that our differences can make us beautiful. 


5. He is less likely to judge other people. 

I'm serious about this. When you spend your whole life having your sex organ judged and mocked by other people, you can go two ways: You either become a withholding dick who doesn't trust anyone, or you open yourself up and see what the future holds, keeping a mind free of the judgmental that others have put your way. 

For a man with a small penis, rejection is something they have had to deal with in the past, and it either makes them as human beings or it breaks them. Either way, they are less likely to turn that same judgmental eye onto others, and that's an invaluable trait.