The Top 3 Sex Positions Millennials Love MOST (Who Knew???)

This is the kind of sex that Tinder dates lead to.

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What kind of sex positions do millennials like? This question really isn’t that strange as it seems the whole world is interested in what millennials think and do. I kind of like being a generation that everyone’s so interested in, and I was also curious to find out what kind of sex people are having after their Tinder dates.

According to a new study by SKYN Condoms, the top three positions for millennials are Cowgirl, doggy style, and missionary. Wow, a lot more boring than I thought. The survey included around 3,000 men and women aged between 18 and 34, and it turns out that their preferences aren’t that different from the rest of the age ranges.


So, why do they like these tried and tested sex positions so much? Women’s Health looked at each sex position to determine what makes it so popular.

1. Missionary

This intimate position is a favorite because it involves plenty of skin on skin action, kissing, and eye contact. Men love it because it allows them to thrust in deeply and quickly while women love it because it stimulates the clitoris and makes it more likely to orgasm.


2. Cowgirl

This woman on top position lets the ladies be in control while the guys get the perfect view of their chest and face. The cowgirl puts women in control of the depth and speed so she can pick up the pace or take it easy when she needs to.

3. Doggy Style

All images: Women's Health


This is where you will get the deepest penetration which feels great for both guys and girls. Plus, booties are in these days so your guy will have a view he will really love. Also, this sex position lets you feel a little more naughty than the rest as it opens the playing field for a little spanking and hair pulling.

Millennial or not, these sex positions certainly do the job!