9 Things Women Do That Guys Interpret As Attraction (As Told By Real Men)

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how to tell a girl likes you

Spoiler Alert: Some guys are utterly clueless.

Most times I'm so busy asking men about men (ironically trying to figure out if they like me), that I don't really ask men what they actually know about women. 

Turns out, they’re not as in the know as life might have you believe when it comes to the opposite sex — just crazy confident.

Men know men. They can explain and dissect why that guy you're into just isn't responding the way you like, but when it comes to women, they seem to be every bit as confused and thrown off by the opposite sex as we are.

How do I know this? Well, because I decided to scroll through my little black book of men to find out how they can tell if a woman is into them.

But, as always, there were some men who were exceptions. Yep, a handful of them surprised me with their simple but modern responses regarding the signs women shoot you when they’re crushing on you

So how to tell if a girl likes you? Nine men reveal major signs in their experience with women that are tell-tell signs of a woman's interest.

1. "She actually responds when I contact her. She blushes anytime you talk to her. She gets real shy when you're around. ... The list keeps going." —B. Williams

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2. "She'll probably say my name a lot more. She'll smile around me and laugh at my jokes. Her body will be more open to me, instead of closed off." —J. Woodward

3. "When I'm not the one texting first all of the time and she actually asks if we can spend time together." —M. Mason


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4. "It's in her eyes and how she acts around you." — L. Johnson

5. "Simple, she hits you up to see you, and it's not always you trying to see her." —R. McKay


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6. "IDK, flirting I guess, and little signs." —C. Brown 

7. "Typically if she's all over me. Or if she flat out says it." —D. Blakemore"


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8. "When she gets an attitude/mad when you leave for the night." —E. Philips

9. "I don't [know if women like me]. I'm ignorant to females likes." — P. Gaskins

Woman-Confirmed Bonus:

"When she makes time to see you instead of always making an excuse..."  I know I'm not a man, but as a girl who likes girls, I'm giving you my input. You know how girls will say 'IDK, we'll see?' That's because they aren't really into you, guys.

While there were quite a few answers from the men on how they think girls show that they're interested in them, the one response that was consistent throughout was this one form of flattery: a woman who texts him first. 

So if we've learned one thing, it's that men really do look to you to initiate contact with them first after you've both exchanged your numbers. In fact, by not doing so, you may accidentally come off as uninterested, and he might feel like you don't want him pursuing you.