13 BEST Harry Styles Memes And Tweets About New 'Sign Of The Times' Video

Photo: Twitter
Harry Styles Sign Of The Times Mary Poppins Meme Twitter


Every day, I fall more in love with Harry Styles.

I don't care who knows it because you know what?

Liza Styles has a really nice ring to it, don't you think?

Anyway, if you're a fan like me and if you're reading this, you probably are, then you know he released his FIRST SOLO MUSIC VIDEO!

Sorry, but I am way too excited about this and apparently, I'm not alone.

The internet has gone wild with memes from the still shots of the video.

Here it is, "Sign of the Times," in all its glory for you to watch:

Tell the truth, how many times did you watch it? I think I'm on view #43? 

Unless you're one of the lucky fans that scored a ticket to his sold out concert, you may have to get used to watching the video on repeat until he releases something new.

Do you know he sold out his 29 stop global tour in less than 2 minutes?

And Harry Styles himself felt overwhelmed by the enormity of selling out so quickly.​

I mean, this guy is so sensitive, kind, gentle ... well, I imagine him to be gentle. DON'T JUDGE!

As far as his tour goes, do you think there'll be any surprise guests?

I'm thinking there might be a Larry Stylinson reunion of some sort, but who knows! 

Either way, I'm going to have to find someone to buy my kidney so I can afford an overpriced ticket to see Harry Styles fly above my head in person because TRUE LOVE EXISTS, Y'ALL!

If you haven't been on Twitter today to see all the love and admiration Harry received toward his music video, then get to it!

But in the meantime, check out my favorite 13 memes from Twitter that sum up the music video perfectly.

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I will follow Harry wherever he goes!
Photo: Twitter

"Harry Styles with the squad on their way to Neverland."

Photo: Twitter

"Accurate representation of what my body feels like when Harry sings."

Harry IS perfection.
Photo: Twitter

"Me: The definition of perfect doesn't exi-"

"Harry: ... "

Ummm, I'm a fanWOMAN, thank you very much!
Photo: Twitter

"Every fangirls phone after #SignOfTheTimesMusicVideo."

I spy with my little eye ...
Photo: Twitter

"I hate spot the difference games, they are so hard."

Photo: Twitter

"TFW you zoom past your former band members on the way to solo stardom."

I'd save him!
Photo: Twitter

"AU where Harry Styles is coming to save Harry Styles from drowning."

He can do ANYTHING!
Photo: Twitter

"Harry walked on water, what a legend."

If you believe, you can do anything.
Photo: Twitter

"Interviewer: Can you fly?

Harry: *disappointed* No ...

Me: Stop lying, you can do everything."


Photo: Twitter

"Her: come over.

Him: I can't. I have to study.

Her: But I'm home alone.

Him ... "

Looks legit.
Photo: Twitter

"Directioners waiting for Harry's music video be like ... "

Oh, I KNOW the difference.
Photo: Twitter

"Harry Styles or Harry Potter? Most scientists can't tell the difference."

OK, that's funny!
Photo: Twitter

"Harry Styles as Mary Poppins."