Men Overwhelmingly Prefer Women With NO Pubic Hair (Says Sad New Survey)

Blame your pubes.

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If you're a single woman who never gets a phone or a text after having sex with a guy you've been dating for some time, chances are that he wasn't just using you — it just might he didn't like the way you groom your vagina.

I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it does make for an interesting way to explain why you're still single. 

You've now got a reason. You can blame your pubes

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When it comes to pubic hair and vaginas, and how much you dare to bare, especially if you're into men under the age of 40, it matters.

The odds are stacking against the natural woman who dares to go full bush, or maybe even just half a bush.

Sadly, the modern male, who might not have an opinion on your outfit, definitely cares how your vagina looks, and we're not talking camel toe.

Nope. When it comes down to getting freaky, hairy is out, and smooth is in. 

That's right, ladies. hairy vaginas are the ultimate turn off for a man, and recent findings prove it. 

In a recent survey of 4,146 males ages of 18 and 35 taken from Cosmopolitan's social media accounts, Esquire's Twitter, and AskMen's Facebook, men revealed that they are very particular about the way their partners groom their lady bits


Most men, no matter how much they love your mind or personality, are unwilling to compromise when it comes to their woman's vagina. And, most of them want it naked with nothing in the way of their next greatest meal. 

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Here's how men like their women's pubic hair:

  • A whopping 46 percent of males want their female partner hairless
  • 30 percent of males prefer pubic hair neatly trimmed
  • 12 percent like a landing strip
  • And only 6 percent of men want their women all natural

Of the males who reported liking pubic hair neatly trimmed, they also shared that the degree of hair present on their labia could, and very well would be a dating deal breaker!

So single ladies, if your hair is long enough to break through the fabric of your panties, or as a waxer would warn, longer than the size of a grain of rice, it's too long for most men. 



There are certainly more pros than cons to keeping things less hairy in your land down under, especially if you live in a warmer or humid climate.

Less hair means less sweat, but at the same time, shaving and waxing aren't considered the best practice for a happy vagina. 

And if you've ever been to a waxer, it's not exactly pain-free. Ouch! Pubic hair provides a natural layer of protection for women and keeps the labia from getting a rash. So, for women who are prone to sensitive skin, there might not be a choice, the hair must be there. 

Apparently, women are adapting to what males want, and risking their own vaginal health in spite of it all. 


In fact, another recent study on pubic hair grooming released last year published by JAMA Dermatology revealed that 83.8 percent of women between the ages of 18 to 65 groom their hair regularly — a number that is on the rise — with the majority of those women being between the ages of 18 to 34. 

I guess it's a man's world after all. 

Which makes you wonder if the men finding women who don't meet their pubic grooming preference are simply unlucky for the moment — sorry, fellas!



The truth is that there really is a stigma about female body hair, and the survey shows that American women are obsessed with being hairless, when compared to women in some other countries who never shave at all. 

The bottom line is for women in new relationships who have wondered how to groom yourself for that special overnight date with your new boyfriend — shaving it all off is in your favor.

You don't have to ask what he likes. Chances are, he very well may be within the majority of males who prefer nude to hairy.


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And, if you tell him you forgot to shave just when things are at the next level, he just might really mind, even if he says he doesn't. 

But, you have enough to worry than whether or not your pubic hair meets his standards. Do what makes you happy, and most comfortable.

How you decide to groom your vagina, or not, should first and foremost be a health decision — not just a means to get or keep a man.

If he doesn't accept you the way that you are, trust me, there's someone out there who will, hair and all.