The Best Quotes And Memes From GIRLS To Remind You How Relatable The Show Really Was

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The Best Quotes And Memes From GIRLS

It's the end of an era!

I was one of those girls that took the ending of Sex and the City pretty badly. 

Those were my friends that I had become so close to for 6 years.

Those were the women I looked up to for advice and guidance through my 20's (though, in hindsight, that was probably a bad idea).

I never thought I'd be hooked on another show again.

Then came GIRLS on HBO.

Lena Dunham? Who the f*ck was Lena Dunham? She was no Sarah Jessica Parker!

But alas, I fell again ... deep.

I even made my husband watch the show (but don't tell him I told you or he'll be so embarrassed!)

According to Wikipedia, the show is described as follows:

An aspiring writer and her three friends, all in their early 20s, together try to make sense of what life has in store for them after living in New York for two years. They're not sure what they want, or who they want it from, and the picture isn't getting any clearer. Hannah thinks she has what it takes to be a successful writer, if only she would write something. She wants a boyfriend without dealing with an actual relationship, and she wants a job without having to work. Marnie is Hannah's best friend, a Type A personality who has a serious boyfriend and an actual job. Jessa is a devil-may-care bohemian whose apparent lack of fear hides her own kind of insecurity. Her cousin, Shoshanna, is an NYU student who would love nothing more than to experience a "Sex and the City" lifestyle. The others tend to underestimate Shoshanna, but she proves to be a sharp source of wisdom.

Since Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, and now Hannah Horvath were both writers (like me!), I had someone else to relate to. 

However, as time went on and Hannah's character developed more, I noticed something: a narcissistic quality that both characters from my favorite shows had.

Am I narcissistic? I'm going to say no, but I'm guessing I'm not the right person to answer that, huh? I also feel that if I'm questioning it, then I'm not. So there. CASE CLOSED!

Either way, now that the show has ended, I've collected my favorite quotes and memes from the show.

We'll miss you Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, And Shoshanna!

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"It's really liberating to say 'no' to sh*t you hate." — Hannah Horvath

We all need one.
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"I will be your crack spirit guide." — Jessa Johansson

Don't we all?
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"I hate everyone who loves me." — Hannah Horvath

They're in the past for a reason ...
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"There are certain people who are meant to remain in your past. I made a mistake trying to repurpose you." — Hannah Horvath

I thought I was the only one that felt this way!
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"I'm attracted to everyone when I first meet them. And then it wears off. It always wears off." — Jessa Johansson

HEY! I'm not dumb ...
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"Everyone's a dumb whore." — Shoshanna Shapiro

You and me BOTH, sister!
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"I just wish someone would tell me, like, 'This is how the rest of your life should look.'" — Marnie Michaels

The only way to get through life is with your big girl pants on.
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"You hurt me, okay? You hurt my feelings. But I can deal with it because I have my big girl pants on." — Shoshanna Shapiro

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"I may not seem okay, and I may not be okay now, but I am, like, okay." — Marnie Michaels

Sad but true!
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"No one could ever hate me as much as I hate myself." — Hannah Horvath

Adulting does kind of suck.
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"You know what the weirdest part about having a job is? You have to be there every day, even on the days you don't feel like it." — Jessa Johansson

The fun is finding out on your own.
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"I just don't understand why nobody tells you how bad it's gonna be in the real world." — Shoshanna Shapiro

I feel you, girl!
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"Sometimes being inside my own head is so exhausting, that it makes me want to cry." — Marnie Michaels

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"Like I am woman hear me roar. You know what I mean? Like I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued." — Shoshanna Shapiro

You are good and fine and we'll miss you, Hannah!
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"You are good and fine." — Hannah Horvath