18 Hilarious Period Memes To Get You Through Hell Week


Aunt Flo can't keep you down!

If you're anything like me, then you know that your period is always an ordeal. Cramps, headaches, unwanted acne, monster food cravings... I get them ALL.

And even though I try to control my emotions all while feeling like my uterus is getting beaten up, you can't really blame me and everyone else out there for being a little pouty when we're on our periods.

And I speak for everyone around me when I say that we DEFINITELY deserve to act a little crazy. Okay, a lot crazy.

But even though you'd sometimes rather jump off a building instead of deal with all the discomfort that comes with periods, it makes it so much easier to bear when you have a significant other to bring you chocolate and blankets, and best friends who watch Netflix with you and make you feel better.

Plus, where would we be if we couldn't laugh at your periods every now and then? Mind you, they're always funnier when we're NOT bleeding all over the place, but they're still funny and totally relatable

And take it from me, NEVER underestimate the healing powers your BFF has on your period.

She’ll always know what makes you feel better and even if you can only manage to send her an “SOS” text, she’s always there with ice cream, movies, and magazines with Ryan Gosling in them (yum).

And she knows that all of this is worth it to make you feel better because you do the same for her when she needs it.

So, to prove that funny period memes can be funny and not at all offensive, read on for 15 of the best period memes EVER.

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On feeling terrible all over.
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“When I’m on my period.”

On having to be careful about everything.
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“When you’re on your period and you sneeze or cough.”

On pretending your period doesn't suck.
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“When you’re on your period and someone asks how you are.”

On the pain that comes with periods.
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“I don’t always get menstrual cramps, but when I do, it feels like I’m giving birth to a herd of unicorns.”

On being a bad ass.
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“Why you’re a bad ass: because you can bleed for a week straight without dying.”

On not dealing with other people.
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“My uterus is shedding and I will not hesitate to stab you.”

On the plus side of periods.
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“Maybe if period pain burned calories it’d be worth it.”

On Mother Nature.
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“Why periods? Why can’t Mother Nature just text me and be like, ‘Whaddup, girl? You ain’t pregnant. Have a great week. Talk to ya next month.’”

On losing your cool.
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“When the Hulk goes into a vicious rage and destroys everything he’s ‘incredible’ but when I do it I’m ‘on my period.’”

On letting people know how it is.
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“I started my day lying in my own blood and I will end yours how mine started.”

On having to deal with periods every month.
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“Periods are ridiculous. I shouldn’t be punished for not being pregnant.”

On making jokes about your period.
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“Menstruation jokes aren’t funny. Period.”

On having a buddy.
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“When you sync up with your best friend.”

On getting ready for your period.
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“Brace yourselves. Menstruation is coming!”

On looking forward to your period ending.
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“When you’re done with your period and you can finally wear that Victoria’s Secret underwear that’s been staring at you the last 7 days.”

On showing them who's boss.
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"Whenever someone says 'you must be on your period,' I just say, 'I started my day in a puddle of blood, is that how you would like me to end yours?"

On knowing who's a REAL super human.
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"I hate men who say girls are 'weak'. Excuse me, But can you bleed for seven days straight and not die? I don't think so."

On making you feel better.
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"They should put prizes in your tampax box. Your period sucks, but here's a 50% off ice cream you cranky bitch."