30 Mercury Retrograde Memes To Get You Through This Hellish Month

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We will get through this!

Did you hear the good news?  No, Trump is still our president. Sorry. I meant the OTHER good news. No, Harry Styles didn't write his new song about you. Sorry.

You know, Mercury is in retrograde until December 22nd? Oh, that's not good news? MY BAD!

I know. It's sad that Mercury is in retrograde right now and our astrological lives are in disarray! What does this mean?

Well ... No matter what your horoscope says or what zodiac sign you are, the next month you will be finding yourself more frustrated with things, people, and the world in general.

If you're me, then that's just a normal day anyway. But for other happy people, Mercury in retrograde really screws with your life.

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Your boss might drop a huge project on you when you already have a million other things to do. Your partner might start irking your nerves to the point where you want to end things.


So what is there to do about this horrible journey of Mercury Retrograde? Don't worry. I have some ideas! We can all just hide in our homes, listen to podcasts on our phone and ignore the world until it's over.

We can start doing yoga at our work desks so that we can learn to breathe and flex through our issues instead of turning a spork on our coworker.

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OR ...We can actually use this time to work out our anxiety issues at hand in a peaceful manner instead of using the anger and hatred that comes with Mercury being in retrograde. 

And the other thing that we can do is laugh. Laugh in the face of Mercury and all the havoc it will wreak on your life. We're here to help with that part!

Here are 30 of the best, most hilarious, truly accurate Mercury in Retrograde memes that will help you get through this month.

FML, indeed.
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"It's Mercury retrograde? FML."


Ryan Gosling could make things better, I suppose.
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"Hey girl, hang in there. It's just Mercury retrograde."


Take two aspirin and call me when Mercury Retrograde is over.
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"Go home, Mercury Retrograde. You're drunk."


I can't be held responsible for what I say during Mercury Retrograde, OK?
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"I'm sorry for the things I said when Mercury was in retrograde."


Do NOT pass go. Do NOT collect $200.
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"Mercury Retrograde. Proceed with caution."


Anyone else singing Bohemian Rhapsody?
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"May your Mercury be more Freddie and less retrograde."


I'm hiding in my bedroom until May.
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"Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. Mercury is in retrograde."


Just blame it on Mercury!
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"Mercury made me do it."


YEAH! What she said.
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"When Mercury Retrograde knocks you down ... get back up, smile, and shout 'You hit like a bitch!'"


I'm going to say a little of both.
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"Can't tell if Mercury is in retrograde or I don't have my shit together."

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I do NOT volunteer as tribute for this!
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"Happy Mercury Retrograde. May the odds be ever in your favor."


Can you not?
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"Hey Mercury, it's me. Can you not right now?"


Not quite yet, Kanye. Not quite yet.
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"Waking up to the end of Mercury retrograde be like ... "


There's a type for everything.

"Retrosexual. When you hook up with an ex during Mercury retrograde and blame it on the stars."


Happens all the time.

"I don't always find relevance in astrology, but when I do, it's Mercury retrograde and I'm doing something on the computer." 


Not a smart move.

"Trying to communicate with a guy under Mercury Retrograde... while on your period.'


Let's ponder the meaning of life, shall we?

"Mercury in retrograde? Tell me again how celestial magic controls your entire life?"


Space has it's own version of problems.

"Mercury retrograde? Aliens."


Well, maybe this time I'll make an exception.

"Hey honey, it's Freddie Mercury Retrograde."


Preach! I know I don't.

"Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!"

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It never does.

"When your friend says they met someone during Mercury retrograde & you know it's not going to last."


Mercury retrograde.

"Say Mercury retrograde one more time."


Even super heroes run scared.

"I'm not up for fighting today. Mercury is in retrograde." 



No Mercury retrograde in here.



Oh yes he can.

"I bought you a cupcake." 

"I don't want that shit."

"WTF. Why are you being an asshole."

"Because Mercury's in retrograde!!"

"Dude You can't just use that as an excuse to be a jerk!!"

"Mercury retrograde!"


Holding on for dear life.

"Brace yourself. The Mercury retrograde posts are coming."


But what if it's true?

"Yea, if you can stop blaming everything on Mercury retrograde, that'd be great."


There, there. This too shall pass.

"Mercury is in retrograde."


Can you blame me?

I'm sorry for the things I said when Mercury was in retrograde.