You Haven't Lived Until You've Tried These 5 Sex Positions On An Exercise Ball

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sex positions

Having sex is awesome. 

If you are looking for an article that espouses the belief that having sex is not, in fact, awesome you have come to the wrong website and furthermore, have chosen to read an article by the wrong, wrong lady. I am miss "let's all have sex"! I mean, I don't have a plaque or anything, but you get what I'm putting down. 

As awesome as it is to have sex, it isn't easy for everyone, and that is an exceptional bummer. 

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction and for the partners who love getting some of that sweet, sweet, peen, finding the right sex positions to try can be a real struggle. 

If you have an open mind, I'm going to walk you through some different sex positions for erectile dysfunction for you to try out ... on an exercise ball or stability ball. You know, this thing that's been gathering dust in your garage ...

I know, I know, it sounds precarious. But hey, if you're going to fall over, may as well fall over naked and trying to climax, amiright? 

1. Reverse cowgirl


I'm not usually a fan of reverse cowgirl. Cowgirl? Oh my yes, all day and every day if it can be managed. But reverse cowgirl? It's just too impersonal and pointless if you ask me. 

That said, trying reverse cowgirl on an exercise ball is actually a lot of fun. The ball helps increase thrust, making him able to get in deeper without having to worry about maintaining an erection because the ball is doing most of the heavy lifting for me. 

Bouncy fun! 

2. Oral sex for her 


Um, you have not lived until your man has eaten you out while you lay on your belly on an exercise ball. Boy, add that one to the pile of "things I was 100% certain I would never type out and then publish onto the internet."

Seriously, though. If your man is struggling with his penis, take the pressure of his do and let his mouth do the talking. If you lay on the ball on your belly and he puts your legs over his shoulders in a kneeling position, the movement of his mouth and the movement of the ball have more power than any old sex toy around. 

3. Oral sex for him 


Forget one stability ball, get two in on the game! 

I know a lot of couples who don't even bother with blowjobs because it's uncomfortable for her to give them and he finds that he just can't orgasm, even though he enjoys the sensation of oral sex. 

That's where two balls can really help (also that is what she said). Have him sit on one while you sit on the other and then lean forward and it's blowjob as usual. Make sure you are both gently bouncing to enhance sensation for him and to make the work that much easier for you. 

4. Doggy style


I will be honest. When it comes to sex positions I am always, always, always going to suggest doggy style because it's awesome. In this case, I am suggesting this modified form of doggy style. This sex position is great for men who need more friction in order to reach orgasm. 

Again, the exercise ball here helps with the intensity and rhythm, providing security and awesome sex for all. 

5. Cowgirl!


Yup, that's right, I psyched you out with reverse cowgirl and how it was awesome on a stability ball leaving you to believe that the cowgirl sex position on a ball was ho-hum. 

Nothing could be further from the truth! This is a great position for a man who needs to hold off on thrusting in order to maintain an erection. The only problem with this position is that you might both like it so much you'll wind up bouncing out of the room.