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The Top 8 Places Where Men Cheat (According To The People Who Bust Them)

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where men cheat

The world of cheating men has been changed forever after the Ashley Madison fiasco. Suddenly, cheating via a website is not a very good option anymore.

But wait, although this is true, it would be naïve to think that men only meet potential cheating partners online. With statistics saying that up to 70 percent of men cheat or have affairs at one point or throughout the entirety of their marriage, there are plenty of other places where men cheat. Private Investigators know this well.

Below are some of the top places where men cheat, according to the men who catch them in the act!

1. The bar


It could be alcohol or it could be the dark lighting, but bars are the perfect place to engage in extra-marital flirtation leading to intercourse. Half of the thousands of people surveyed by psychologist Anne Campbell for her study engaged in a one-night stand after meeting someone in a bar.

2. At work

Office affairs are fairly common, with about 40 percent of cheating men finding a lover at work. It could be because of the proximity, time availability, or stress that makes men think it is okay to cheat when at work. Regardless of the reasons, a business trip, an office party, or late nights at the office present the biggest opportunity for those who are susceptible to cheating.

3. A bachelor party


Do you know that up to a third of grooms-to-be cheat during their bachelor’s party as a final "goodbye" before they "give up" their freedom? And nope, this is not just about groping the stripper.

4. A wedding

You might be surprised that about a third of attached men who went to a wedding solo found a way to cheat on their absent partners. Perhaps they were feeling frisky or maybe the jovial mood all around made them lose their inhibitions. Just know that it might be better to attend a wedding with your beau in the future.

5. The gym


Hormones fly around gyms, more so with sweaty bodies all around clad in skintight clothing. Your man might find that a gym is a great place for a different kind of workout when no one’s looking.

6. Social media

People can be anyone they want to be online and on social media. It’s just too easy to send an email, instant message, or exchange sexy photos with a cute someone online. The Ashley Madison site may be no more, but Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are all pickings-rich places to get a side chick. What you may think of just innocent flirting can be a full-blown virtual affair.

7. Through his close friends


When your beau has a friend who is a cheater, it can affect how he perceives cheating. He can begin thinking it's normal and not a big deal. He can even start an affair with a friend of the friend or even your neighbors. This is because being seen in public with an acquaintance won’t raise alarm bells for cheating. 

8. Wherever he's having fun

It can be a concert, a park he usually goes to, a reunion, or even on a vacation with you. The fact is, it is easy to throw caution to the wind when a man is having fun. It releases all sorts of feelings that make them lose inhibitions and engage in risky behavior. Sadly, that includes cheating.


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