Men Most Likely To Cheat At This Particular Romantic Event


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While a wedding is usually seen as a joyous celebration to honor love and the new union of a happy couple, it may also be a hotbed for philandering men.  

As it turns out, the mixture of vulnerability, booze and cute bridesmaids that usually manifests at a wedding can be a deadly concoction for those who are in relationships.

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A 2019 survey of over 2,000 men and women, conducted by the extra-marital dating site, revealed that men are the most likely to cheat at weddings, with a drunken fling with a bridesmaid being the most common scenario.

As a spokeswoman for the site had noted, "There’s something about being a bridesmaid which is incredibly attractive to men. Maybe by wearing a bridesmaid outfit they are advertising the fact they are available and also at a wedding everyone is there to have a good time."

And one-third of men had admitted to having been unfaithful at a wedding when their partner wasn't in attendance with them.


Of course, weddings aren't the sole venue for those who commit infidelity.

While 32 percent had confessed to having been unfaithful at a friend's marriage celebration, another 27 percent had admitted to straying on a "stag night," or a bachelor party.

The office Christmas party (21 percent) and a school reunion (9 percent) were also listed as places where men have commonly cheated on their partners. 

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Women, unfortunately, are none-the-wiser when it comes to wedding cheating.

When asked where their partner was the most likely to stray, 37 percent had said the office Christmas party, 35 percent had said a "stag night," 17 percent had said a school reunion, and only 11 percent had said a wedding. 


But what is it about a wedding that makes men so likely to steer off-course?

As the spokeswoman from Illicit Encounters had suggested, weddings and receptions present a lethal mix of elements that provide the ultimate opportunity for a one-night stand: alcohol, dancing, well-dressed attendees, and access to hotel rooms.

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She said, "At a wedding, all the elements are present for one-night stands to happen. Quite a bit of booze, dancing, people dressed to impress, an air of sexual electricity at the reception, and access to hotel rooms to meet in private." 

There's also the old stereotype of a wedding being a "depressing" event for those who haven't yet taken a trip down the altar. That's where the vulnerability aspect kicks in. 


Of course, although the survey is telling, we can't be too quick to lock up our boyfriends and husbands each time that a wedding invite comes in. Keep in mind that this survey was conducted by a site that bills itself as "The Married Dating Site." Enough said!

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