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Fitness Guru Gets Shamed For Gym Outfit After Revealing Worker Told Her Other Clients Had ‘Complaints’

Photo: TikTok
TikToker at gym

An influencer who dedicates her social media to fitness and health advice found herself become the target of restrictive dress codes in the gym she frequents.

The merits of dress codes has become a heated debate in recent years — with some students bravely protesting sexist dress codes in school, the debate has also spilled into other aspects of life.

While men at the gym can usually wear what they want, it is women that get the most scrutiny for dress codes

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The fitness influencer was told her gym clothes had received 'complaints.'

The TikTok user, Kylee, was just having a normal day at the gym, until she was interrupted by a worker.

The clip began with Kylee snapping and singing to the song inside a car. She wrote the caption "me wearing a crop top and leggings to the gym."



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The second part of the clip skipped to a new caption, which read “the worker telling me I have to change.”

Apparently, some guests were feeling uncomfortable by her clothing. Kylee says she was told, by the worker, that “there were complaints.”

And that her outfit was against her gym's dress code — which surprised several commenters, and Kylee herself, who were unaware that gyms had restrictive policies on what people can and can't wear.



While Kylee didn't share the exact outfit that she was wearing that day, other videos on her page from before the incident typically show her wearing nothing less that a sports bra and leggings at the gym — standard workout attire if you ask me.

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Kylee had a mix of supporters and haters in her comment section.

Some people shared Kylee's frustrations and voiced similar experiences.

One user commented, “I think you meant to say your *former gym”.

“Canceled my membership at my old gym [because] of this,” said another.

However, unsurprisingly but still disappointingly, there were some TikTok users who accused Kylee of seeking attention.

A third user wrote, “poor girl didnt get to show off like she wanted.... Waaaahhhh”.

“Idk! I’ve been working out in shorts and T-shirts for years and I never had this happen to me. I hope it doesn’t.”

But of course, those last two comments were written by men who may not understand how it feels to be degraded for what you wear — especially when you're just trying to feel comfortable while working out.

TikTok may have to agree to disagree on this one because Kylee has since gone back to posting her regular content and wearing what she wants to the gym.

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