Steve From 'Blues Clues' Is Back And Making Kicka$$ Kids Music

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steve burns
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Really, it's pretty awesome!

Remember this guy?

Who could forget! It's Steve Burns.

He is widely known as the original (and undoubtedly the best) host of the popular and long-running Nickelodeon children's show Blues Clues.

Steve Burns starred on Blue's Clues for six years until his departure in 2002. He did such a bang-up job, he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for his performance on the show in 2001.

So what's Steve Burns up to now?

First of all, he's not dead, despite repeated rumors of his demise. (Don't believe it? His Twitter handle is @SteveBurnsAlive.)

And he's also gone bald.

But more interesting is that he's back catering to is original audience: kids!

Yep, he's making children's music.

In the video interview with TMZ above, Steve explains his new Steve-n-steveN project — an album called Foreverywhere — with Flaming Lips artist Steven Drozd

The duo recently released two singles from the album: "The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow" ...

And "OK Toilet Bowl." This tune will get any kid running to the toilet in no time ... 

Glad to see you're doing well Steve, and we are looking forward to seeing what other tunes you have in your handy-dandy notebook.