Your Most Seductive Personality Trait, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The stars can tell you what the most seductive thing about you.

Everyone has a seductive personality trait, which is something that draws people to them.

What quality do you have that people find irresistibly sexy? It could be the way you really look at someone or the way you smile. We all have something about us that’s more than the obvious physical beauty that makes us sexy.


Have you ever met someone that wasn’t your type and who you normally wouldn't be attracted to but there was just something about them that turned you on? Well, this seductive personality trait is what draws two people together and is what creates sexual chemistry and sexual compatibility. This quality is a vital part of the law of attraction.

We don’t always know what it is that we do that seals the deal every time. Sometimes you can be completely aware of your sexual power and use it to seduce a potential partner, or you can be unaware of your seductive personality trait and use everything else you've got in your arsenal of sensual moves. Whereas if you just trusted that you’ve got sex appeal, you wouldn’t have to second guess yourself about your moves.

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There are times when just feeling confident is enough of a seductive quality that it will get you exactly what you want. When you feel good about yourself, it’s captivating and enticing as is having an air of mystery about you — we’re all intrigued by a little mystery.

Your most seductive personality trait may seemingly have very little to do with sex, and yet it’s the thing that makes people fall in love with you or want to have hot sex with you.


As unique our personalities are, our star signs share certain characteristics. As individuals born under the same sign, we have similar ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting, and knowing what your zodiac sign is can help you identify what it is that makes you desirable.

Here’s your most seductive personality trait, based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES: Your dynamic presence
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When you focus your sexual energy on someone, it's irresistible. You're a sexual genius and it's never boring with you as you're always coming up with new ideas and things to try. You don't hold back ever, but especially when it comes to sex.


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TAURUS: Your sensuality
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You are an extremely sensual person and you have a very strong physical presence. You love to touch and to be touched and when your partner is on the same page as you, you're able to send shivers down their spine with the gentlest of touches.


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GEMINI: Your verbal skills
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You know exactly what to say and how to say it, and that makes people swoon. You seduce with your words and you have a gift when it comes to dirty talk. But you don't have to say anything about sex — it's the tone of your voice. It has an implied sexiness even when you're talking about dinner or taking your dog to the vet.


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CANCER: Your intensity
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When you focus on someone, you give them your full attention and it's very appealing. When you show that you're interested in someone, it not only flatters them, it makes them feel connected to you in both physical and emotional ways. You make them feel so lovable that they have no choice but to return the feeling.


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LEO: Your self-confidence
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Self-confidence is extremely seductive and you've got it in bucket loads. You are dominant and your self-assurance guarantees that you get the kind of attention that you want. People want to be with you so that a little of the specialness that's you will rub off on them.


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VIRGO: Your brilliance
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You not only instinctively know what to do when it comes to seduction, but you have no problem doing the research needed as backup. You know exactly what your partner responds to and you use the information to your advantage.


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LIBRA: Your charm
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It may be an old expression but you're truly able to charm the pants off someone. You know how to flirt, how to charm, and your personal magnetism is a natural aphrodisiac. You're captivating in the way you make everyone feel as if they're the most spectacular person in the world.


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SCORPIO: Your mystery
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You keep people guessing and while you may imply that you'll tell all, you never do. You captivate your partners with your mystery and they're drawn to you. Once there, you conquer their reservations with your intense passion.


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SAGITTARIUS: Your independence
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Your excitement and willingness to try new things are extremely appealing. You make everything seem fun and cool. You don't put unreasonable expectations on people because you can take care of yourself. 


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CAPRICORN: Your wild side
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While most people may not know it, besides being hardworking, reliable, and disciplined, you're extremely sexual. It's easy for people to sense that your sexual side is there simmering underneath the surface and that being with you would exceed all their expectations. 


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AQUARIUS: Your open-mindedness
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You appreciate the unique and are totally accepting of other's sexual predilections. You would never judge someone for their fantasies; you'd do what you could to make them come true. You're open to almost anything as long as it's not boring or safe.


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PISCES: Your creativity
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You have a creative soul and it draws people to you. You see beauty where it isn't always obvious and that's very attractive to others. People want to be with you for they want to see what kind of creativity they inspire in you. Being someone's muse can be extremely intoxicating.


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