10 Hilarious Times Flirting Via Emoji Went Way Overboard

Because overachieving is adorable.

Flirting emoticon meaning WeHeartIt

It's crazy to think that there was actually a time when iPhones and emojis didn't exist and we had to convey our messages to people using actual words; at one point voice to voice communication was the only form of getting your point across.


And let's not get started on the world before telephones were even invented when paper and pen were a necessity and the only thing people could do was write letters.


UGH. I mean, just imagine trying to draw out the eggplant emoji to send it in a letter!

All kidding aside, Emoticons have become so widespread that people of all ages use them and these days, it just feels plain awkward when your messages aren't riddled with colorful little pictures. Plain gray chat bubbles were SO yesterday. 

In this day and age, words are slowly being replaced by little pictures on a keyboard. Rather than typing out "champagne", "wine" or "avocado" (three of my favorite things on this planet), it's much easier to just tap on the food tab and watch a very well drawn and detailed miniature photo of an avocado or alcoholic beverage magically appear on your phone screen to get your point across before you hit send. 



When it comes to flirting, just ask any Millennial you see and they will tell you that all virtual flirting is done with an abundance of emojis.

These little pictures aren't even limited to Millennials anymore, middle-aged people and parents have also joined club emoticon and regularly use them too. As a matter of fact, the more heart and flirty face emojis you see when you glance over at someone's messages can give you a clue on how much they have been/are flirting with each other. 


Emoticon meanings play a crucial role in today's world of virtual communication, whether it be flirting or a just regular conversation. At this rate, these detailed miniature pictures will slowly take over and conquer the world, abolishing words one at a time.

Eventually, we might all go back to a time of cave drawings to communicate with each other, but instead of fossilized drawings, it will look more like this.

So if you're ever curious how to get your emoticons PERFECT so you can flirt your way through ANY dating app, refer to the (maybe a little TOO) creative examples below.

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1Emoji Lyrics

Flirting emoticon meaning 9gag

People can find creative ways to incorporate emojis into their messages, such as this creative illustration for the lyrics of "Ridin' Dirty"



Flirting emoticon meaning Buzzfeed

Or this very clever emoji illustration of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song. Now this takes some serious and refined emoji skills!



Flirting emoticon meaning craveonline

This comeback to an extremely forward guy on Tinder is PURE gold!



Flirting emoticon meaning smosh

I can't even imagine how many taps to the iPhone screen this took to finish, but this artwork should be titled #relationshipgoals.


Flirting emoticon meaning emojipoems

No words. All emojis. "I Can't Get No Satisfaction".



Flirting emoticon meaning Cosmopolitan

I have no words for whatever this is supposed to be. All I see are caterpillars and water sprays.


Flirting emoticon meaning Twitter

If you want to take your sexting to another level, just add emojis.



Flirting emoticon meaning Buzzfeed

Some emoji masterpieces are just straight to the point, such as this one above. 


Flirting emoticon meaning weheartit

Some are a bit complex and confusing without an explanation of what the emojis mean.



Flirting emoticon meaning laughtard

Then there's these kinds of emoji conversations that don't make any sense on either side of the conversation, but are still entertaining regardless.