G-Spot Injections Are Here To Make You Horny AF For Months On End

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orgasm sex shot

How much would you be willing to pay for the biggest, hottest, wettest, and most intense orgasm of your life?

$100? $500? $800?

Put your money where your orgasm isn't, and get yourself to a doctor who offers the G-Spot injection.

That's right, move over O-Shot, because the G-spot injection is less expensive ($800 vs. $1,900), less invasive, and women who get it claim that the results are immediate and intense. 

Cancel all my plans, imaginary intern, and book me a G-Spot injection.

Then, imaginary intern, contact my boss and tell her I'm calling in orgasming for a week. That's like calling in sick, but instead of being sick I will just be having as many orgasms as I can in any given period of time.

The shot is extremely popular with women older than 35 who are looking for ways to enhance their orgasmic experience during sex. 

And wow: 87% of the women who get G-spot injections say they noticed real results, meaning hot sex with more and better orgasms. 


If that's not incentivizing enough, did I mention that it just takes 30 minutes?

Yeah, I know, my curiosity was piqued too.

So what exactly is it? 

Well, during a G-spot injection (also known as a G-spot amplification) your doctor injects dermal filler (the same that is used in facial wrinkles and in lips) into your G-spot. 

The filler is injected into a region underneath the bladder, a mere centimeter from your vaginal canal. This makes that region (your G-spot) protrude forward slightly, making it easier to stimulation during vaginal intercourse.

But, like all dermal fillers, this procedure isn't permanent. Doctors say you need to go back in for re-upping in the vagina once every five months.

That said, if it works the way 87% of the people getting it seem to think it works, and you happen to have thousands of dollars to throw into the wind, why not toss those dollars into a black hole of perpetual orgasm, says I? 


Here's where it might not be as great as the O-shot. 

The O-Shot uses plasma rich platelets to stimulate your clitoris AND G-spot. It's designed for menopausal women who are looking to reboot their libidos in a permanent way. 

The G-spot injection isn't recommended for women seeking a permanent solution to a low libido. It's designed to help women who DON'T experience sexual dysfunction up the ante of their orgasmic experiences. 

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which procedure meets your needs. Neither are covered by insurance, but if you're in a financial position to explore all that medicine has to offer in terms of giving you hotter orgasms, by all means, explore! 


If you don't have the dosh to spend getting needles stuck into your bits at a plastic surgeon's office (hi, that's me), using ben wa balls and kegel eggs are great alternatives to improving your orgasmic experience without the hefty price tag. 

Plus, Gwyneth uses kegel eggs, so.