How Ben Wa Balls Can Make Your Sex A ZILLION Times Hotter

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ben wa balls

I love me some sex toys.

One of the main reasons I became a sex writer (other than like, that it just kind of happened) is because it often means that I get to try out all manner of fun new sex toys. 

When you're a sex writer, every day of the week is like Christmas, and every single present under the tree is probably some kind of vibrator or dildo. 

While I'm pretty well-versed in the sex toy universe, I still have the odd blank spot in my sex toy brain. 

Take Ben Wa balls, for example. 

Up until fairly recently, I didn't really have any idea how they were used in sex. 

I knew people used them to strengthen their vaginas, but that's about it. 

But with books and movies the like 50 Shades tossing Ben Wa Balls out of the shadows and into the mainstream (careful, don't trip on them, you do not want to die that way) I figured it was time to educate myself.

So now I get to share that info with you fine folks! 

This is God's work, people. 


So what are Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls have a SHIT TON of different names. 

Geisha balls, Burmese balls, orgasm balls, Venus Balls, they all refer to the same sex toy.

For the sake of clarity, I'm going to stick with calling them Ben Wa Balls, cool?


Ben Wa Balls are two spheres, slightly larger than a big marble connected on the same chord. 

These balls are weighted, with either a stationary weight, a chime, or, god help us all, a clapper. 

Ben Wa Balls are inserted into the vagina to enhance sexual pleasure or to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 

Heck, why not try both? 


How do I use Ben Wa Balls?

Ben Wa Balls can be used for pleasure in a ton of different ways. 

Before you or a partner insert them into your vagina, make sure you clean the balls.

You don't want dirty balls in your vagina, on this I think we can all agree. 

Once the balls have been inserted, you can flex your pelvic floor muscles, working the weights.

This will strengthen your pelvic floor and probably feel pretty damn good.

Women suffering from incontinence or vaginal prolapse will sometimes use Ben Wa Balls to help strengthen and heal their vaginas. 

In partnered play, your dude can be the one inserting balls AND he can totally put his penis inside you along with the balls.

In fact, for many, this is a really hot experience. 

You can also put them in your vagina before starting an anal sex session to enhance that experience.

If you are into kink and being teased, it's perfectly safe to wear Ben Wa Balls inside of you all day long...

That is if you can stand it. 

If you're playing with the balls alone, using a rocking chair is a great way to get the maximum pleasure on your G-Spot and internal clitoral area. 


Are Ben Wa balls associated with any religions?

The origins of Ben Wa balls are varied and unfortunately, unverifiable. 

That said, in Eastern religions like Taoism, Ben Wa Balls are a tool that is used to explore a person's sexuality and also learn how to control their sexual desires. 

People who practice Tantra use Ben Wa Balls for similar reasons.

You don't need to be a member of any special religion to play around with Ben Wa Balls. 

Are there any dangers to using Ben Wa Balls? 

If you want to avoid infection and discomfort, please always clean your Ben Wa balls before and after use. 

It's no different from any other sex toy that goes inside you in that respect. 

While Ben Wa Balls look a lot like anal beads, the two are totally not interchangeable. 


Because Ben Wa Balls do NOT have a flared base. 

This matters because, unlike the vagina, things CAN get lost inside your butt. 


If you want to experiment with anal play, make sure you're using stuff designed specifically for anal play and save yourself a trip to the ER where you will most likely die from THE SHAME.

Repeat: Do NOT use Ben Wa Balls in your butt!

As long as you are using a clean, non-toxic, high-quality set of Ben Wa balls, you should be good to go!