5 Hot AF Fan-Fiction Sex Stories Starring ... One Direction

More like One Erection, amiright?

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When I was a kid, all of my X-rated sex fantasies about folks like Devon Sawa (DROOL) and Brad Renfro (RIP) stayed firmly locked in my head. 

Thank god there was no internet, otherwise I, like so many teens of today, might have taken to the internet to share my fantasies as some quality Tumblr sex stories thus ruining any and all chances I may have once had of running for public office. 

I mean, I was a horny enough little tween without an entire archive of Tumblr sex stories to fuel my adolescent desire for Jonathan Taylor Thomas and the like. 


That is so not the case for kids of today. 

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If you're a person who loves say, One Direction, all you need to do is type in a quick search over on Tumblr and you will be rewarded with more fan fiction, low-budget sex stories, and prime erotica than one person could ever possibly hope to ingest. 

It's enough to turn us all into little Tina Belchers. 

Mmmmm, sex stories. 

If you're a One Direction fan and you're looking for hot Tumblr sex stories, I can shave at least five minutes off your search time. 

Behold, 5 excerpts from some of the steamiest Tumblr sex stories about One D and company. 


1. A Thousand Years


From: Take Me Home Fan Fiction 

His hand moved up to gently trace her face, his eyes focusing on her lips, and she was quivering in his touch ” please, give me one more chance. I promise, this time I’ll do things right.“ She leaned forward in his embrace, her lips merely a few inches away from his. Her breath became labored, and her eyes were fluttering shut.


"I love you” she whispered so softly, he almost didn’t hear it. They leaned in, finally closing the distance between them, their lips reconnecting in the sweetest kiss, both of them smiling when they pulled apart. 

He pulled her in for second kiss, and then a third, and fourth kiss before she yawned. The day’s events were exhausting and she was craving a nice warm cuddle from her boyfriend.

“Hey” she whispered, almost afraid to break the bubble of bliss they were in. “I have a great way for you to make things up to me. How about you stay this night and cuddle with me?”

His smile was contagious as he leaned in to whisper in her ear. “I’ll do anything it takes to make things up to you. Even if it takes a thousand years.”


2. Playing Favorites 


From: 1D And My Sexual Frustrations 

His fingers hook into the band of her shorts pulling them from her thighs. Her back pushes further into the cushions as he slips them off with her panties. Immediately there is warm breath between her legs, his lips kissing her inner thighs, working towards her center.


His tongue licks along the inside of her thigh, kissing her clit. He pulls away, ducking his fingers under her shirt and stops for a moment. This will be the first time Harry sees her fully naked. Niall questions her with his eyes one final time before pulling the shirt over her head tossing it to the side. He kisses her neck, “So, what are the rules?” Niall’s question is directed to Harry as he continues to kiss her neck.

“No sweet stuff, just fuck her,” Harry says nonchalantly. “And she’ll pick who’s the best fuck.” She nods, unable to think of words as Niall’s fingers trail down her stomach, coming closer to where she wants them.

“Okay.” She agrees, almost out of breath as Niall has finds her clit, circling it with his fingers.

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3. Truth or Dare


From: One Direction X-Rated

Within a matter of minutes, we were both completely naked and in his bed. He kisses every inch of my body.

I snake my body until I'm face-level with his penis. I start off soft and slow but soon enough my head is bobbing up and down with the help of josh’s hands. in no time I feel him release inside my mouth. I swallow and then move up to kiss him on the lips. As we kiss I feel him reach down and start rubbing my clit. Then, he slowly slips one finger into me and starts moving it slowly in and out. He adds another finger and another. I feel myself on the verge of climax when he pulls out. Before I have the time to complain he slams himself into me. I scream out as he pounds into me faster and harder each time. He pulls out again.


“Get on all fours.” I obey his command and he slams himself back into me. He keeps pounding into me until finally we both climax. I collapse onto the bed and he collapses next to me.

I wake up the next morning, naked, in Josh’s bed. I look over to see he is still asleep. I have a blinding headache. I get up and try to get dressed quickly so I can get out of there as soon as possible. Hopefully, he has forgotten all about last night so nothing will be awkward between us. As I’m getting dressed I hear josh call my name. I try to ignore it.

“Megan?” he says again. I turn around and smile.

“Hey Josh,” I say lightly, knowing he probably has a worse hangover than iI do.


“Where are you going?”

“Oh, I was uh, I was-”

He cuts me off. “Were you trying to leave?” Ii can hear a hint of sadness in his voice. Quick Megan. Think of something.

“No! Of course not.”

“Then where were you going?”

“I was uh, going to get breakfast!” Good one.

“I was going to bring it back here.”

He smiles.

4. Sex Slave 



From: I Luv Narry 

“You do recognize us right?” Louis asked after I had ogled them for quite a while. I stared at him in confusion not sure what he meant. 

“We’re One Direction, love” Liam spoke up. I dawned with realization. I knew they looked really familiar. I was never one to keep up with pop culture, especially not boy bands, so it wasn’t surprising that I didn’t recognize them right away.

“Oh right yea.” I giggled. “Wait, but are you guys revealing to the world that you have a sex slave?” I questioned.

“No of course not, Lindsey. We’ll be saying you’re our assistant hairdresser OK?” Harry said, enlightening me. I nodded my head. “OK, well, we should be going. Where’re your bags, love?” Harry asked.


I blushed with embarrassment and held up my small bag pack which held all of my things. “Oh looks like we’ll have to carry you shopping soon” Niall commented, excitedly taking my bag from me and pecking my cheeks. I blushed when his lips came into contact with my skin. “You’re absolutely adorable” he whispered in my ear making my blush deepen even more. 

“Aww, she’s blushing” Liam cooed making all the boys notice. 

Zayn passed his hands over my blushing cheeks, “You’re so cute” he said and giggled when I blushed even more, if possible.


After they had their fun, they led me outside where a black, tinted SUV waited for us. Harry opened the door for me and helped me inside sitting right next to me. Liam sat on the other side of me, and Niall, Louis and Zayn sat opposite us, facing us. The car began to move as soon as the door closed behind us.

5. You're Mine 



From: One Direction Fiction

“Hi,” he said quietly, no more volume needed as his husky voice almost whispered through the air letting the sound flirt with my ears.

I kicked my heels off walking backward towards my bedroom.

“Follow,” I commanded. He walked confidently toward me until we were both next to the bed stood facing each other.

“You’re mine, not hers. Don’t forget that.” I pushed him back causing him to stumble back onto the bed.

“And what if I’ve forgotten that?” the expression on his face hinted that he’d caught on.

“Well, I’ll just have to show you won’t I.” I moved over to him straddling his waist whilst staring deep into his eyes.


He bit his lip, the soft pink asking me to edge closer. So I did, brushing my nose against his, feeling his breathing on my skin deep and slow, but his heart was racing. My chest pressed against his, my long brown hair falling down onto him and covering us both.

“How?” he asked, his voice faltering slightly now.

I placed my lips onto his, taking his bottom lip in my teeth lightly, as I did I ground our bodies together, his crotch lifting up slightly in reaction trying to pull me closer.

“Like this.” I sat up from him and lifted my top over my head, then button by button I removed Harry’s checkered shirt, slowly revealing his newly toned body, the tanned flesh more attractive to me than it’d ever been.