Beyonce's Pregnancy Photos Leave NO Room For Conspiracy Theories

beyonce nude pregnancy photos conspiracy theory

It seems Beyonce looked around our dark and sad world and saw fit to give us a ray of hope.

Beyonce announced that she is pregnant.

And, not just pregnant ... Beyonce announced that she was pregnant with twins! 


Now, you might remember that back when Beyonce was pregnant with daughter number one (and number one in my heart) Blue Ivy, her pregnancy was shadowed by bizarre conspiracy theories. 

People were CONVINCED that Bey was not, herself, actually pregnant, but that she had hired a surrogate. 

The facts that Beyonce was walking around, like, being pregnant wasn't enough to soothe anyone. 

"She's clearly wearing a pregnancy belly," said the conspiracy theorists, who clearly lead much more rich and vivid inner lives than folks like you and I do.

While Beyonce never addressed the bizarre speculation, it clearly got to her. 

What makes me think this?

Well, the images Beyonce just released of her stunning nude pregnancy photo shoot. 

Now, Beyonce is far from the first celebrity to embrace nudity (ahem, Miley Cyrus) in an empowering way. But her photos may be about more than just empowering women's nude, pregnant bodies.

Rather than keep her pregnancy on the DL, Beyonce is sharing her stunning naked baby bump in each and every photo released from the shoot.

Don't get me wrong, I love reveling in a pregnant woman's glow as much as the next girl, but it's kind of telling that she's prominently showcasing her naked tum in each image right?

And it's not just to be cute or make men ogle her. 

It's like she's DARING people to say she's not carrying her own twins. 

Announcing her pregnancy on Instagram, Beyonce might have actually done what Kim Kardashian hoped to do:

Break the internet. 

Right now, her photo announcement about the twins is the most liked post EVER to appear on Instagram. 

Suck it, Ellen's Oscar selfie!

(JK, I love you Ellen.) 

The photos she released today that are making the rounds also feature poetry from Warsan Shire who worked with Beyonce putting together Lemonade

I'm not pregnant nor am I soon planning to be, but rest assured when I am you can expect me to 100% recreate these amazing images.

Suffice to say, they will be infinitely less glamorous, and also I will probably drown. 

Because Beyonce is maybe the only woman alive who could pull off posing while pregnant underwater while still looking like the actual goddess Venus. 

(You know, as opposed to the planet or the brand of popular ladies razors.)

Word is still out on whether or not Beyonce plans on attending the February 12th Grammy Awards ceremony, where she has nominated for a total of 9 awards. 

Fingers crossed that if she does attend she wears a crop top. 

You know that will give the conspiracy theorist literal palpitations.