5 Love Lessons From Beyoncé


She was just named GQ's Sexiest Woman Of The Century, is set to perform at Obama's Inauguration and the Super Bowl and has an HBO documentary coming out in a month — it's no secret Queen B is on top. And she should be.

There's a lot to love about Beyoncé, from her grace to her unbeatable dance moves. Let's count down what the megastar has taught us about love.

1. Keep Your Relationship Private
One thing, among the many things, that Jodie Foster touched on during her Golden Globes speech was the importance of keeping her love life private. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are the ultimate power couple and they're always in the news. They look happy and in love, and their hand-holding at basketball games and song lyrics prove it, but they know the importance of keeping their relationship details private. They don't brag about their love or complain about things on Twitter — which seems rare nowadays. There's less people involved, less speculation and less drama.

2. Be Independent
She's married to one of the most successful men in the business, but it doesn't stop her from being as powerful or successful as ever. Beyoncé knows the importance of being a strong woman, with songs like "Independant Woman" and "Run the World (Girls)" to back it up. Even when she split from Destiny's Child, she remained friends with the other girls and didn't let the fame go to her head. Recently, the girl group announced a reunion. In July 2011, she told Essence: "We were taught we needed a plan and the discipline to execute that plan to the fullest. I strongly believe if you work hard, whatever you want, it will come to you." 

3. Be Confident
When "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" came out, Beyoncé unleashed the new anthem of female empowerment. With Sasha Fierce, the star's alter-ego, she's sassy, strong and well, fierce. But she doesn't even need an alter ego to convey her confidence. Never afraid to show off her curves or be bootylicious, Beyoncé is a refreshing reminder of how to love yourself and be totally free, comfortable and sexy.

4. Be Supportive
While the model couple keeps tight-lipped about their relationship, they still work together and achieve greatness somehow through their insanely busy schedules and even join each other on stage from time to time. From countless song collaborations to joint business projects, it's clear they work together and communicate well.

5. Be Classy
Beyoncé handles herself well. When her album '4' leaked, she didn't get angry or vent over social media about it. When Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift's award at the VMA's, she gave young starlet the chance to have her moment later on in the show. Unlike her peers, Beyoncé hasn't had a sex tape, too much plastic surgery or a major scandal. She's sexy— but there's a lot more to her and she makes it known.

What has Beyoncé taught you about love?

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