The Weird Reason Men Sleep So Much Better Than Women

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women need more sleep than men

Who knew???

It’s a long-standing joke that women need their “beauty sleep,” and recently, scientists even went so far as to kindly connect that maybe, just maybe women need more sleep than men do.

The reason, according to researchers, was that women process both halves of their brains a bit more than men. As a result, multi-tasking comes naturally to a woman, whereas most men are wired for focusing on a single task at a time. Because of this, women actually use a larger portion of their brains more frequently than men and require extra sleep to recharge those exceptionally drained cells.

But thanks to a recent study, science discovered that women don’t just need to sleep more just because our brains do their own simultaneous processing all day long. It actually has a lot to do with hormones and how your body recognizes its own internal “clock.”

So yes, ladies, science has confirmed again that you're not being lazy. You actually do need more sleep than Mr. Bright 'n' Chipper who loves to tease you about being lazy because you want more Zs. But it's not laziness — you probably didn't sleep as well as he did and now you're paying for it by wanting more sleep to compensate. 

Although men are more likely to experience sleep apnea than women are, the female body actually has a tendency to experience sleep troubles like insomnia and waking up during sleep more often than men, the study determined. The reason for this may actually be sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which can play a role in affecting sleep and waking patterns.

So women fall asleep at times that might be counter-intuitive to their biological clocks, and as a result keep getting woken up by their bodies all through the night. Or, they don't fall asleep at all because they missed the window that their hormones presented to them, and now they're just staring at the ceiling in the dark, glaring at the spouse sleeping like a baby next to them.

The study’s research team discovered that women’s biological clocks run a full two hours ahead of men’s, which indicated that women needed to sleep earlier than men and may find themselves waking at earlier times as well.

They were able to determine that women have a different circadian rhythm, too — that is, how our bodies process the time of day and schedule sleep patterns — which may also have something to do with those same hormones.

So if you're feeling tired early in the evening, that's your body's cue that you need rest. It's flooding you with hormones and sleep vibes, and if you ignore those urges because you think it's too early, your sleep could suffer for it later.

Regardless of the reason, science has our back on this one, ladies. Next time your husband or partner wants you to wake up and enjoy the morning with him, remind him that science has confirmed you have every right to press the hell out of that snooze button.