7 Things ALL Women Think When They See An Uncircumcised Penis

Photo: Tumblr
uncircumcised penis

Ove the course of our lives as women who come into contact with penises, we are bound to see some new and exciting things.

Like that one guy you dated who used to braid his pubes, or the other guy with just one testicle.

When it comes to taking off the belt, no one guy is exactly alike.


But there is one factor that still takes women by surprise:

An uncircumcised penis.

Just like a rare Pokemon, these little fellows can sneak up and surprise us. 

Here are 7 things women think when they see their first uncircumcised penis. 

1. "I didn't expect this!"


While the rate of circumcision is declining in the United States the majority of men are circumcised, though the numbers vary. 

It goes to follow that the majority of women in the United States encounter circumcised penises before they encounter uncircumcised penises. 

When we do finally meet an uncut man, it is a wondrous and delightful surprise, like discovering that your pancakes have chocolate chips in them. 

2. "Oh god, I hope I'm doing this right."


Performing a hand job on a man who is uncircumcised is much easier than it is to perform on a circumcised man, largely because the foreskin provides protection and lubrication.

But giving oral sex to an uncircumcised penis can feel daunting. 

If you're panicking about a blowjob on your first uncircumcised penis, don't be afraid to ask.

Odds are, asking for tips will make the experience hotter for both of you. 

3. "Is he feeling any of this?"


There is a misconception that men with intact foreskins don't enjoy sex as much as men who are circumcised.

This couldn't be more incorrect.

Men with intact foreskins actually report enjoying MORE sensation during sex than uncircumcised men. 

But let's be real, if a dude is having sex with a woman he's into, he is enjoying himself, regardless of the amount of sensation. 

4. "What am I looking at?" 


For many women, seeing an uncircumcised penis for the first time can be confusing.

Because we don't have a penis of our own, our knowledge of the member is limited by our experiences with it. 

If we've only seen cut dudes, uncut dudes are going to seem baffling.

But don't worry, the only real difference is the intact foreskin and once you play with that a little bit, you'll understand the mechanics pretty quickly! 

5. "That looks like a clit!"


Yes, this is true! 

A circumcised erect male penis DOES resemble a clitoris

In fact, all penises resemble a clitoris. 

That's because both pieces of anatomy are phalluses made of erectile tissue! 

It's just easier to identify that when you see an uncircumcised penis for the first time.



Let's be honest, if you've spent your whole life having sex with one kind of penis, it gets old.

Even if you're having GREAT sex.

If life has become one dull parade of average penises and then you are presented with uncircumcised one?

That's one hell of a delightful surprise. 

7. "Look, a penis."


At the end of the day, a penis is just a penis.

Whether or not it has a foreskin attached is not really that big a deal.

For many women (like yours truly) a penis is a penis is a penis.

Sure, circumcised penises are different from uncircumcised penises, but that doesn't make them any better or worse.