We Asked Women What REALLY Turns Them On When They Masturbate


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When it comes to female masturbation, we all have different sexual fantasies

As a teen, I would imagine Ted Danson inviting me into the back room at Cheers for some hot sex

I also fantasized about Jafar from Disney's Aladdin making me his love slave, make of that what you will. 

It was a weird time. 

I think my embarrassing admissions is proof that female masturbation fantasies can be just as weird as male masturbation fantasies. 


But if my own weird adventures with masturbation fantasies aren't enough to persuade you, I polled a group of anonymous women and asked them to share what they fantasized about while they masturbate.

Do with this information what you will...

...but even thinking about what these women fantasize about is pretty damn hot. 



  • "Sex with my partner, mostly."
  • "This may sound silly, but lately, I've been reading malexmale erotic fiction stories and found that they turn me on more than malexfemale stories. So I just imagine the scenes from those."
  • "Girl on girl."


  • "Most of the time guy(s) pleasuring me in various ways. Sometimes school fantasies."
  • "Yes, usually other women."
  • "BDSM."
  • "I haven't talked to my college boyfriend in more than a decade but when I'm masturbating and I can't come, I always flash to his face." 
  • "Usually, the guy I am currently interested in pursuing or dating."
  • "Sam Heughan from Outlander appears in my fantasies most often. But as for the specific fantasy, it's usually something really tame like the guy coming over to my apartment and we immediately do it standing, against a wall."


  • "All kinds of stuff! If they're specific, they're usually related to the people I've been sleeping or sexting with. When I'm PMSing and my boobs are sore, I have more explicit fantasies of being with other women with big boobs. My fantasies change according to whim, though, and I'm interested in exploring different dynamics, some related to BDSM, some not. And I'll think about porno I've watched and want to try. I even fantasize *when* I'm having sex sometimes. This maybe isn't specific enough, but I tried!" 
  • "Such a cliche but I love to imagine I'm a Rapunzel-type princess being rescued and fucked by a handsome prince. Lol."
  • "Nothing really concrete, I just sort of flash on images, like men's abs or an erect nipple. Even writing about it is making me squirm!"

Masturbation is SO different from having sex, and I think our fantasies during masturbation are one more example of that fact. 

So go forth and get freaky all on your lonesome in a guilt-free way! 

Masturbation: it's good for you!