I Will Be OK In A Trump-Led America — But That’s NOT Enough

joanna schroeder donald trump

I don't want more power. I don't want more privilege.

Since Donald Trump's apparent victory in the Presidential race, I've been thinking about what I wish I'd said.

I fully recognize that it's magical thinking to believe something I may have said could've changed anyone's minds, but I do wonder.

I wish I'd said that if Trump wins, I will be the person who will benefit the most.

I'm white. Not just white but so white, I could've been an Aryan poster child. I'm naturally blonde-haired and blue-eyed and I'm able-bodied. My family comes from a Protestant Christian tradition.

It's awful to say that based solely upon my situation of birth, Nazis would've loved me, but it's true. It doesn't do anyone any good to pretend like I'm not what I am. I didn't choose it, it's just the truth.

I'm a cisgender woman married to a cisgender man. A white one.

I have two white sons.

What's more, my family is part of the 1%. Yes, I know, terrible to admit, but true.

I live in an upper-class, low-crime area.

I have health insurance provided by my husband's employer. Yes, I'm that rare.

I will probably never need an abortion.

I will probably never need birth control.

I will never need to access an abortion or birth control (other than condoms) for my children.

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And Donald Trump's Presidency will probably make me wealthier and make me and my family safer.

But I don't want that.

I do not want to be wealthier if it means someone else becomes poorer.

I do not want to be safer if my Black, Asian, Hispanic, Muslim (and all other racial or ethnic minority) friends are not safer.

I do not want more rights if my friends who date and marry partners of the same gender don't have them. I don't want more rights if my trans friends don't have them.


I want my friends and loved ones to be safe. All of them. I want a FAIR and non-racist criminal justice system that rehabilitates rather than PROFITS off inmates. I want a system that knows the difference between a dangerous criminal and someone who felt they had little choice other than making a mistake.

I do not want a criminal justice system profits off locking up Black and Brown men and taking fathers away from their partners and kids.

And I want Muslims to feel welcome in our nation. To pray and to love and to wear the hijab or to not wear the hijab. I want peace-loving people to be treated with love and welcomed with open arms.

I want refugees and asylum-seekers from nations where they are being tortured, where children are starving to death and bleeding out under collapsed buildings and dying of easily treatable illnesses in both hemispheres to be welcomed here and told, "It's going to be okay, you're safe here. We want you to be proud to be in America and help us make this nation better."

I want my boys to grow up KNOWING that sexual assault is wrong. KNOWING that they should never, ever sexually degrade or harass a woman (or anyone else). 

I do not want my boys learning about what it means to be a man from Donald Trump.

I want my boys, if they end up being queer, to feel safe. If they do not end up being queer, I still want ALL queer people to feel safe.

None of this can happen with Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

It can't. They've said it. They don't want it.

I don't want this presidency, even if it ends up benefiting me more than almost anyone else.

Because I don't want these privileges if they aren't extended to everyone.