15 Instagram Love Poems We Wish Men Would Write For Us

Poetry is a form of literature that will, without doubt, outlive us all. Simplistic yet beautiful, poetry is a fun and creative way to express how we’re feeling or how we wish we felt. Sometimes, words printed on paper can mean so much to us.

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Us ladies love to read relatable romantic poems and love quotes that give us butterflies and something to aspire for in our own relationships. They give us those good feels — you know the ones I'm talking about. The butterflies in our stomachs, the romantic feelings paralyzing us. Those Instagram love quotes and love poems that leave our hearts racing and our minds full of the love we want for ourselves.

Poems that are about love that aren’t over the top or too sophisticated for absolutely no reason are some of the more simple things in life. Sometimes all we need is to read a few words about the magic of falling in love or how it feels to love, and even that is enough to get our heart rate up and running.

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In my experience, when we read these mushy gushy love quotes that are INSTANTLY relatable, they're written by women. It's not that guys don't write them, too, but you just see an overwhelming amount of them with female authors. We find that we relate to these the best because we can think on the same plane as women.

So, when I find beautifully crafted poems on love that REALLY resonates with me, and they're written by a man, it's like finding a four-leaf clover.

E.S. is an Instagram poet who has written a number of poems — the majority of which are about love. Unlike the typical romantic poet, though, he does an amazing job of capturing what a woman is looking for out of love in short, sweet (and often straight-forward) prose.

And on top of that, he speaks to not only women but also to the men that love them — often times telling them the things he's learned of love (and of what women REALLY want).

We've highlighted a few our favorite Instagram love quotes for you to check out, but for more E.S. poems you can visit his Instagram account.

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1. When you want to express your appreciation for someone's beauty:

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instagram love quotes

"You are my most beautiful someone."

2. For when actions overpower words:

instagram love quotes

"She just wants you to show her through actions more than words."

3. It's as simple as that:

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instagram love quotes

"Women are not complicated, they just need to know you care."

4. She is more than just her looks:

instagram love quotes

"You are so much more than pretty. You are beautiful, brave, intelligent, and strong."

5. Don't give everything away just yet:

instagram love quotes

"Do not give a man more of yourself than what he has to offer."

6. Sometimes love is all you need:

instagram love quotes

"She didn't need to be fixed, just loved."

7. We all love a bit differently:

Instagram Love Quotes

"He wasn't capable of loving the way you loved. It's not your fault."

8. For when life with her is a dream:

instagram love quotes

"My dreams of you do not end with waking up."

9. Remind her everyday:

instagram love quotes

"A man who loves you, will never let you forget how important you are."

10. Love is welcoming:

instagram love quotes

"Never beg for his love. He should offer it with both arms open."

11. You should always feel beautiful:

instagram love quotes

"If he doesn't make you feel beautiful, he's not the one."

12. A relationship relies on balance:

instagram love quotes

"She just wants someone who loves her as much as she loves him."

13. For when she's the sun at the end of a storm:

instagram love quotes

"I want you to continue being the absolute best part of my life."

14. Don't change for anyone:

instagram love quotes

"You deserve someone who doesn't make you change who you are, who loves you and all your faults."

15. For when she deserves only the very best:

instagram love quotes

"Somewhere out there is someone waiting to love you the way you were meant to be loved."

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