What Your Zodiac Sign LOVES About Halloween (As Told By Gifs)

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The creepy, the crawly, and the delicious.

We've all got the Halloween spirit in one way or another, and all of our zodiac signs have different ways of displaying them.

The creepy, the crawly, and the delicious — what does your sign enjoys the most about Halloween?

Aries: Anything, really! 

They can get pretty into it so long as something peaks their interest. They dig traditions, but every year needs an extra spice! Otherwise they can get into just about everything.

Taurus: Sweet Treats

It's just another excuse to have candy, really. It's no game.

Gemini: Partying With Pals

Whether they're with friends or family, they're making the day feel like a great party.

Cancer: Taking the reins

Not completely sure what they're going to do but they're going to do it, and they'll do what they want, and there will be candy.

Leo: hosting a party

Holidays are no joke, and if they have the means to host a party, they're going to, no corner left undecorated!

Virgo: Planning For The Best

Whether it's trick or treating or partying, there has to be a plan, preferably with a map and schedule to get the most out of the night. Leave it to them to make sure everything is achieved.

Libra: Being scared

They've probably been reading scary stories online for the past month and have gotten progressively more paranoid. They'll have a night in with the lights on and a bat for self defense... while continuing to read or watch scary stuff just to be sure they're prepared for anything that could possibly happen.

Scorpio: Rocking The Darkness

They love Halloween, so they know how to keep it dark, fabulous, and fun. Expect a dark twist on their outfit of choice, and skulking the night for the best Halloween get-togethers.

Sagittarius: Pranking

They're more about tricks than treats. They'll keep it fun by keeping everyone on their toes, and jumping out from around corners.

Capricorn: Nothing 

Why are we wasting time with shitty candy and overpriced shitty costumes? They can put up with it but there are better things to do!

Aquarius: Reading Horror Stories

They'll go out but don't be surprised if they tell you all about the book they were just reading about the headless horseman.


Pisces: Enjoying A Movie Night In

Halloween is fun so long as they're with a good group of friends with a good bunch of movies.