20 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For Sisters

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20 Halloween Costume Ideas For Sisters

Whether you are six, sixteen, or sixty, there’s no bond like the one you have with your sister. You've been through everything together — fights, breakups with boyfriends, family reunions with your crazy distant uncle. And even if you don't like each other all the time, there's an unbreakable bond you share.

October 31st lets you show off that bond and create great Halloween costumes. They can be fun or spooky, creative or adorable, and the best part is that this can be done at any age. From DIY to set costumes, whatever feels fun to you and your sister, and fits your relationship, will create memories for years to come. And these Halloween costumes for sisters will do just that.

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1. Creepy Sisters

If you always wanted to be the creepy sister, here's your chance — times two! Show off your Halloween spirit in this outfit, and complete the look with appropriate makeup and matching socks.

(Target, $27)

2. Nuns

Nuns are known as sisters, right? Get thee to a convent with this realistic Nun costume. It features a nun's dress, nun's veil, and nun's collar.

(Party City, $19.99)

3. Bunnies

What's more adorable than a pair of matching bunnies? Sisters as bunnies, of course. Hop your way into the hearts of everyone you know.

(Target, $28)

4. Spanish Dancers

Transform into a flamenco dancer with this beautiful, black, off-the-shoulder flamenco dress. It has tiers of red and yellow ruffles on the sleeves and skirt. The high-low hem is perfect for showing off fancy footwork.

(Target, $27.99)

5. Ladies of the Court

Whether you loved The Tudors or can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, these medieval vintage hooded cosplay gown dress dresses are perfect.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

6. Skeletons

Be a couple of skeletal sisters with these catsuits that boast glow-in-the-dark skeleton details.

(Walmart, $39.95)

7. Military Officers

Be all you can be and dress as a pair of military officers from World War II. This costume includes jacket, shirtfront with tie, skirt, and hat.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

8. Sailors

Women can be sailors, too. Both of you can be sailors with this costume that includes a sailor dress and hat.

(Target, $17.99)

9. Colonial Women

These colonial women dresses are perfect if you’ve watched Gone With the Wind or Outlander a million times. These are blue colonial-inspired dresses with corset-style top and lace trim at neckline and sleeves.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Nurses or Doctors

Wear scrubs just like the adult doctors do in these costumes. The scrubs come in multiple colors, so even some of your brothers can get involved.

(Walmart, $14.40)

11. Dolly and Reba

This is easy because you just have to dress country style! Dolly gets a blonde wig, Reba gets a red one, and both of you should wear jeans and leather boots.

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12. Golden Girls

It’s all in the old lady wigs, dress, and cardigan. This can be a fun one for sisters of any age, whether they love Golden Girls, grandma, or just think old ladies are kind of awesome.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. Three Little Pigs

You’ll need a third sister (or a best friend) for this one. This comfy pig onesie will keep you cozy while charming your way around any event.

(Target, $31)

14. Elsa and Anna from Frozen

Be the sisters who discovered their unconditional bond for one another, just like Elsa and Anna.

15. Witches

Be extra spooky by dressing up as a set of naughty witches. This gothic witch costume is bewitchingly beautiful. You'll enchant everyone with the included gown with flame cut skirt, belt and hat.

(Walmart, $17.99)

16. Hippies

You can create this outfit with clothes you already own. But if you need items, use tie-dye t-shirts, anything with peace signs, a flower head band, and flared bottom jeans.

17. Unicorns

Get matching unicorn costumes, or just find unicorn headbands and a matching color theme of dresses.

(Walmart, $25)

18. Kate and Meghan

Dress as our favorite duchesses. You’ll need tiaras for sure. Beyond that, you’ll just want to be very fashionable and have a fresh blowout.

19. Maggie and Lisa Simpson

For Maggie, get a long blue nightgown or dress and a pacifier; maybe add blue bow on your head. For Lisa, get an orange dress, orange shoes, and a pearl necklace.

20. Cats

Whether you are little kittens or full-grown cats, cat costumes are adorable and easy to do.

(Target, $25.99)

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