12 Painfully True Quotes For Anyone Who Has Loved A Narcissist

if i cut you off it's because you handed me scissors
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You CAN get through this.

Going through a breakup can be totally devastating. 

Going through a breakup with a narcissist is its own special kind of hell on earth. 

Making the decision to leave any relationship is never easy, but it is necessary when you've been in a relationship with someone who has been subjecting you to the special kind of abuse only a narcissist knows how to inflict. . 

Sometimes narcissists make that decision for you, abandoning you just as thoughtlessly as they abandon anything that they don't care about.

Because they only care about themselves. 

The emotional effects of being in a relationship with a narcissist can stay with you for a long time, even as you move on to other healthier relationships

But you can and you WILL get over this painful chapter in your life. You're going to need the love of your family and your best friends, and to take good care of yourself.

On those dark days, try to take comfort in these inspiring quotes about dealing with breakups when a narcissist is involved. 

After all, inspirational quotes have the power get us through even the toughest times. 

I hope at least one of these has that effect on you. 

Good luck out there and take care of yourself ... you're all you've got when dealing with a narcissist! 

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Perspective will come
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"Time must be healing my broken heart as I now know this...you're opinions about me were wrong, I'm not bad. My opinions about you were wrong, you're not that great."

Nothing is braver than walking away
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"I tried, you didn't. I'm done, have fun." 

It's not about you
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"Controllers, abusers, and manipulative people don't question themselves. They don't ask if the problem is them. They know the problem is someone else."

Protect your heart
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"Some relationships are like broken glass. It's better to leave them alone then hurt yourself trying to put them back together." 

They've given you the tools to leave
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"If I cut you off it's because you handed me the scissors." 

You are so much better off
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"Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn't appreciate you is actually a gain not a loss." 

Life is surprising and that can be great
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"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck." 

Put your feelings first
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"A narcissist will say 'get over it', because your feelings are trivial to them. If it's not about them, they're not interested." 

It's confusing, and that's okay
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"I wish my brain had a map to tell my heart where to go..." 

Make yourself a priority
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"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them in an option." 

It's okay to be angry
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"Fuck you. I'm done with your shit. I deserve better." 

Getting over him will take time
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"It's not the goodbye that hurts, it's the flashbacks that follow."