15 Brutally Honest Life & Love Quotes From Poet Emina Gašpar-Vrana

Let her words inspire you to change.

There are poets all around us and the numbers are constantly growing. Whether you consider yourself a poet or not, your words should speak for themselves.

As humans, we confuse hard work with happiness, which can lead to self-destruction.

But as writers, we take the feeling of happiness and spread it out like a map, finding its origins and traits and writing down every moment of happiness we’ve endured. 

That’s what makes a writer so unique. We take reality and give it a meaning, rather than stressing ourselves out over trying to control it.

Instagram poet, Emina Gašpar-Vrana, strives for just that in each and every poem she’s written. From love and heartbreak to happiness and anger, she writes exactly how she feels and that’s what makes her poems stand out.


We can learn a lot about life from poems like these. How to live courageously, how to love unconditionally.

Even how to move on from broken hearts and hard times to find happiness again in something new.

Words can change the way we think about ourselves, about our lives. So take a look at some of the things Emina Gašpar-Vrana has to say — you might get more than you bargained for.


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On change.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"I find great beauty and tragedy in the notion that people change, all the time—just rarely together or in the same direction." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On why one writes.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"I write because nobody listens anymore." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On pain.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"There are different types of pain; one is temporary, while the other one is permanent. I believe people are the same way; some are like bruises, leaving you aching for them awhile, while others leave you retracing the scars they left you with for the rest of your life." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On hard relationships.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"It is ironic, almost infuriating, how some of the hardest relationships end in the simplest of break-upssometimes it is just that you are simply too much for the other person and they are simply not enough for you." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On bravery.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"It takes a certain kind of bravery to be able to trust the hands of the one who holds youknowing not only how many hearts they have healed, but also how many hearts they have broken." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On being in love.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"They ask me how I know and I tell them; him, at 6 a.m. The way he holds me even closer as my alarm goes off, failing to awaken me from the dream that we have created. But that is the thing about reality; it creeps in. I kiss his lips one last time before I leave his warm embrace and throw a final glance at the work of artthat is himwishing I could capture everything about that moment; those beautiful eyes still shut, but that half-smile telling me everything that I need to know, and as if that was not enough, his strong arms reaching for my pillow where my scent still lingers, as if he misses me already. Yes, it takes everything in me not to leave him, at 6 a.m. That is why I know." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On thoughts.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"He kept telling her it was all in her head and she began wondering if that was the only place where they were happy as well." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On letting go.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"The most selfless and painful act of love is to let someone go, knowing they deserve someone better than good enough and still hope that they will find happinesseven if it will be without you." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On writers.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"Being a writer is the loneliest jobuntil a reader comes along." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On losing yourself.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"You will lose yourself, by trying to find love in someone, who has yet to find themselves." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On being human.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"We are only as good as our worst and only as perfect as our imperfections."  — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On reassurance.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"If I stripped down to my vulnerabilities, would you clothe me with your love?"  — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On the art of a woman.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"The art of a woman is magic to a man who understands and appreciates the complexity and divinity that she is." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On relationships.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"In every relationship, you plant a seed in one another; of new perspectives, new thoughts, and new emotions. Some grow simultaneously, while others need time; to grow alone, before they can grow together. Each day, we are growing and transforming into whoever it is we are becoming. So maybe one daywhen we have learned whatever it was not our time to learn thenwe will find our way back to each other and we will be different, we will be better, and we will be, us, again." — Emina Gašpar-Vrana

On sharing silence.
Photo: Emina Gašpar-Vrana

"Are you brave enough to share the silence with me, to let our hearts drift effortlessly through the unsayable and our minds elevate as we inhale each other's presencein the absence of everything else?" — Emina Gašpar-Vrana