Marijuana Wine Exists So You Can Get Drunk And High Tonight (Cheers)

Put that bowl down and pick up a glass instead.

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For some, there are few things as enjoyable as relaxing with a big glass of wine and marijuana at the end of the day. But getting your marijuana smoke-ready can be exhausting. Why buy two different products when you really only want one? Plus, forget that extra work.

Now, you'll only need one hand, not two, to celebrate and relax, because the party gods apparently heard the cries and answered in force, parting the clouds and reaching down from the heavens to give us Cannabis Wine.


Yep. You can now drink wine that's been infused with marijuana, and oh yes, is it every bit as excitingly glorious as it sounds, if you listen to celebrities like Melissa Etheridge and Chelsea Handler. Both have admitted to loving this cannabis wine, but it’s no wonder that celebrities are the main ones purporting its wonder-benefits when the price tag is about $120 to $400 per bottle.  


While Etheridge swears that this amazing bottle of spirits will put you in a “really beautiful place” and gifts it to her friends, the rest of us can only look on longingly, wondering if that green wine is really as magical as it seems. We also can’t help but wonder if that lovely little place she’s talking about is actually a magical world where you can frolic in a meadow of rainbows and fairies next to a waterfall where unicorns drink from a babbling stream as they sunbathe.  

Right now, the only state you can buy this magical vino in is California, unfortunately. The other states that allow for the legal use of marijuana — Oregon, Washington, and Colorado — don’t want to cross the streams and allow for the mixture of weed and alcohol. For now, at least.

Another important fact before you try and purchase this wine, even in your home state of Cali? That big price tag comes with a little disclaimer: you must have a medical marijuana license to pick up your very own bottle of Mary Jane Wines. You won't be able to go into any package store and pick up your ganja-wine.


All photos: Instagram

So, if you qualify for those factors and have enough money to thrown down on a bottle of CannaWine, then prepare yourself for an amazing journey! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to go meet Melissa Etheridge and some other celebrities in that “wonderful place.”

Either way, you're probably going to want to pack some snacks for the trip.