Alcoholic Dippin' Dots Are The Treat Your Drunk Inner Child Deserves

Photo: Gizmodo
Alcoholic Dippin' Dots

Growing up, my favorite thing to do was go to the mall and con my mom into getting me a cup of Dippin' Dots, a.k.a the ice cream of the future. 

Now that I'm officially an adult (unofficially I'm still 10), ice cream formed into tiny little balls doesn't really do it for me anymore. And it's definitely not enough of an incentive to go me to go to a MALL. Thanks, but no thanks. 

But there is something about getting older that just makes you want to put alcohol in everything. As fan of consuming booze in the weirdest ways possible, I'm all for some drunken experimentation. So Alcoholic Dippin' Dots — a.k.a. the turn-up of the future — is a dessert that's worth a little effort. 

You heard me right. Alcoholic Dippin' Dots baby. 

Brennan Adams, a beverage manager for A Bar in Washington D.C., was the creative genius behind this idea who we all kind of want to kiss. Originally, he cleverly coined them as "Drinkin' Dots," but Dippin' Dots threatened to sue so the name changed to "Cry-Spheres." 

Unless you're like me and plan all your vacations solely around food and drinks you want to try (sorry Grandma), you can try to make your own alcoholic treat at home. Warning, you will need some thick rubber gloves and eye protection 'cause this shit is serious. 


Use the following recipe to create some real-life magic on your own: 

1. Pour some liquid nitrogen into a wide-mouthed container. For larger batches, use a somewhat narrow metal container. However, even a small Styrofoam cup will do, as long as it can hold a few inches of liquid nitrogen.
2. Put your ice cream mixture into a condiment container. Those are available for cheap at any kitchen supply store.
3. Drip the ice cream mixture into the liquid nitrogen. You want to drip it nice and slowly and from a reasonable height so the beads separate and don't clump. 
4. After a few minutes, fish the dots out of the container with a long-handled spoon or a strainer, and put them in a glass. DO NOT reach in there with your fingers.
5. If you eat the dots right away, they will only stick to your lips and/or tongue and cause some serious frost-bite. So let them warm up to where they're almost as soft as normal ice cream by stirring the dots every minute or so. 

Boom, you got yourself some booze-filled dippin dots, and getting drunk has never tasted better. 

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